M'sian woman working in S'pore allegedly almost raped while on bus in JB

The woman allegedly fought back against her attacker and managed to escape.

Sulaiman Daud | June 26, 2019, 06:42 PM

A Malaysian woman claimed that her sister, who works in Singapore, was allegedly trapped in a bus and nearly raped while travelling in Johor Bahru.

On June 25, a woman shared on Facebook a photo of a police report made at the Bukit Indah police station in Iskandar Puteri, Johor Bahru.

The report showed a statement taken from a 21-year-old Chinese woman.

You can see it for yourself below:

Warning for women working in Singapore

According to the Facebook post, the woman claimed that she was the older sister of the woman who was allegedly nearly raped.

She said her younger sister kicked the driver before making her escape, and added that she wanted to warn women working in Singapore to be careful while getting a ride.

Here's what she claimed in her post, translated:

"It actually happened to my younger sister!

Night of June 25 12:30am my sister boarded a blue factory workers’ bus BHK 9333 at CIQ Johor.

Coincidentally, she was the only person. After waiting for a while, no one else boarded, and so the driver drove off. She wanted to get a lift to Guang Ming, but the bus suddenly stopped by the roadside in front of McDonald’s at tmn sutera.

Feeling that something wasn’t right, she asked to be let off the bus, but who knew, the driver wanted to molest her!

Thank goodness my sister resisted his attempts and kept kicking him with all her strength.

She escaped to the bus driver’s seat and tried to open the doors. The driver couldn’t do anything else but open the doors, and she succeeded in escaping.

Would like to remind all women who are working in Singapore to be careful on their rides!

This was considered lucky, thank goodness.

Everyone remember, it’s BHK9333! BHK9333! BHK9333!

#First time in the police station even though I’m already this old #Indian driver around 30 years old"

Only passenger on board

The report in Malay stated that on June 25, at around 12:30am, the woman boarded a chartered factory bus at Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) Complex.

The bus was headed towards Skudai, a suburb in Iskandar Puteri.

She was the only passenger on board, together with the bus driver.

She then alleges the following:

  • At some point on the journey, the bus driver stopped the bus at the road shoulder, claiming that it was faulty.
  • The woman asked him to open the door so she could get out, but he refused.
  • He allegedly closed the curtains, began to take off his pants and advanced on her.
  • He allegedly hugged the woman and tried to rape her, but she managed to fight him off.
  • The driver eventually let her out, and she called her parents for help.

Full statement given to police

Here is the full statement from the report, translated from Malay:

"On Jun 25, 2019 at about 12.30am, I was boarding a chartered factory bus with plate number BHK 9333 heading towards Skudai from Sultan Iskandar CIQ Complex.

During that time, I was the only passenger on board with an Indian bus driver who is around 30 years old. I sat at the second row on the left side of the bus. Suddenly, the bus driver stopped the bus at the road shoulder along the road of Skudai-Senai, nearby Taman Sutera's McDonald's.

The bus driver said he had to go down to check on the bus' condition which he claimed to be faulty. I felt scared during the situation and asked him to open the door so I could get off. However, the bus driver refused to open the door and didn't allow me to go down.

He closed all the curtains and started to take off his pants and went towards my direction. He started to hug me and tried to rape me but I managed to fight him by kicking the driver and managed to escape from the driver.

I immediately ran to the driver's seat in an attempt to unlock the door but failed. The driver got scared, opened the bus door and let me out of the bus. I got off the bus and immediately called my parents.

The intention behind this report is because I am worried for my safety and I would like the police to take action against the driver as well as the bus company so this wouldn't happen to other passengers. This is the end of my police report."

Top image from jpatokal via Wikimedia Commons.


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