Lee Hsien Yang reveals wife Suet Fern is more than a lawyer; she's also an "accomplished quilter"

She bagged an award at a quilting competition in Japan.

Kayla Wong| June 02, 03:51 PM

Lee Hsien Yang, son of Singapore's first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, and younger brother of current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, recently took to Facebook to reveal a lesser-known side of his wife, Lee Suet-Fern.

Accomplished quilter

His post, put up on Sunday, June 2, said that Suet-Fern, "apart from being a corporate lawyer, is also an accomplished quilter".

"One of her quilts has just won an award at the 2019 Yokohama Quilt Festival," he wrote.

This is what her quilt looks like:

Image via Lee Hsien Yang's Facebook

The writeup that accompanied her quilt, called "Castel del Monte" because of its octagons, reads:

"Octagons in quilts have always fascinated me. Old castles conjure dreams of fairy tales.

I wanted to create a quilt with octogons using traditional european reproduction chintz fabrics but to include movement within the octogons.

Castel del Monte is a protected World Heritage European castle with octogonal towers and an octogonal footprint. The romance of a fairy-tale castle in a quilt."

Other than the quilt competition Suet-Fern took part in, the Quilt Time Festival 2019, which was held in Yokohama, Japan from May 30 to June 1, included events such as special quilt exhibitions from Japan and the world, as well as workshops and talkshows.

"Wonderful" creation was recognised

According to a picture of a certificate her husband posted, Lee was recognised for her "wonderful" creation, bagging a Quilt Time Award.

The award is given to a total of five participants in the "Traditional" category, which requires participants to submit quilts with traditional patterns, according to information found on Quilt Time's website.

The certificate reads:

"You displayed immense creativity and effort in creating an excellent work.

To reward your wonderful creation, we present to you the Quilt Time Award." 

The award consists of a certificate and an unspecified non-monetary prize.

The Quilt Time award comes just below the contest's top three awards:

  • The first prize is a certificate and prize money of 200,000 yen (S$2,537),
  • the second award consists of a certificate and prize money of 100,000 yen (S$1,268), and
  • the third award — given out to four participants — consists of a certificate and prize money of 50,000 yen (S$634).


Top image via

target="_blank" rel="noopener">Lee Hsien Yang's Facebook page


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