S'pore customers face scalpers & technical difficulties in buying Uniqlo x KAWS T-shirts

Oh no.

Mandy How| June 03, 09:05 PM

The KAWS: Summer UT line has dropped in Uniqlo Singapore.

Although it was launched just today on June 3, customers are already having trouble getting their hands on the S$19.90 T-shirts due to its overwhelming popularity.

On a promotional Facebook video post shared 20 hours ago, Uniqlo was flooded with more than 160 comments, mostly which are complaints about the website and the lack of in-store stocks.

Website crashing, can't cart out

Most of the technical complaints revolve around failing to cart out online and a website that keeps crashing.

The frustration is evident from these comments:

Some might even get extra items added to their cart:

At least one customer, however, managed to purchase her item:

Running low on stock

The more recent comments highlighted that most outlets are either running low or out of stocks, especially for the larger sizes:

Buying in bulk

And it seems like one of the reasons that the shirts are running out so quickly is customers buying in bulk.

One customer apparently witnessed others buying large quantities of certain designs:

Another commenter said that a man bought about 40 to 50 pieces at one go:

No surprise where these shirts went.

A quick search on Carousell sees the shirts going for twice the original price:

If you're wondering what the hype is about, KAWS is an American artist whose real name is Brian Donnelly.

He is known for his paintings, graphic design, sculptures, and collectibles, and also has works exhibited in galleries and museums.

Top image via Uniqlo Singapore and Amy Lee SP on Facebook 


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