Customers in China fight, crawl & snatch like it’s a zombie apocalypse for KAWS x Uniqlo shirts


Mandy How | June 04, 2019, 01:19 PM

The response to the launch of KAWS: Summer UT line in Singapore has been overwhelming since their release on June 3.

So much so that people are having trouble carting out the products and finding the shirts in-store on the same day of their launch.

But it's even crazier in China.

In various videos uploaded on Facebook, Chinese customers were seen leopard-crawling into Uniqlo outlets before the shutters opened, brawling outside the shop, and stripping mannequins of their clothes.

One video compiles various scenes of customers in their mad rush for the shirts:

[video width="320" height="640" mp4=""][/video]

In case you can't see, here are some key moments, including getting on their knees to enter the shop:

Running for the products once they got into the outlet:

Holding on tightly to whatever they managed to grab:

Snatching like kids in a playground:

And getting into a fight:

However, the men were not holding anything in their hands, so it was unclear what exactly the fight was about.

In a few other videos uploaded to a public Facebook group, customers were even spotted climbing onto the racks to remove the mannequins' clothes.

The yellow apparel on the mannequin above does not appear to be part of the KAWS collection in China though.

According to Chinese media, a KAWS X Uniqlo T-shirt that originally sells for RMB99 (S$19.61) is now going for RMB200 - RMB400 (S$39.62 - S$79.25) online.

Stocks in stores were reportedly wiped out within seconds.

Top image via 新加坡皇后情报局/Facebook


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