Rebecca Lim’s Instagram account unfollowed everyone on May 8, 2019

It's like she snapped her fingers and made everyone disappear.

Mandy How | May 15, 12:24 am


Singaporean actress Rebecca Lim‘s Instagram account has zero under her “Following” — as she has unfollowed everyone.

According to social media tracking site Social Blade, Lim had been following 242 people right before the purge on May 8:

It is not clear what led to the unfollowing — but a fresh sexting leak involving her rumoured beau and another actress has emerged.

In the past couple of years, Lim was rumoured to have been dating fellow actor Ian Fang, who is three years younger.

Lim turns 32 this year.

However, Fang is currently in the spotlight for leaked Instagram messages with another local actress Carrie Wong

The two have apologised for their flirty/ explicit texts.

S’pore stars Carrie Wong & Ian Fang apologise after explicit texts exposed

Rebecca Lim still active on Instagram

Nonetheless, Lim remains active on Instagram even after unfollowing everyone.

Besides several ads — paid work that was probably scheduled for uploading beforehand — Lim has also uploaded a photo of herself on May 13, saying: “New week, new goals”.

Her most recent post, an ad for Kate Spade, was uploaded several hours after the sexting revelation.

Fang has yet to post anything on his Instagram since the saga broke.

At time of writing, he remains a follower of Lim’s Instagram account.

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Top image via Rebecca Lim’s Instagram


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