Adorable wild piglet found sound asleep in toilet of S'pore country club


Zhangxin Zheng | May 13, 2019, 06:56 PM

The recent thunderstorms brought on some really dramatic weather phenomena.

Rainy days are great for staying home and sleeping in.

But not for the wild animals that are left in the open to fend for themselves in the harsh weather.

Little piglet hid in toilet to avoid rain

In a Facebook post on May 12, 2019, the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore) (ACRES) shared about a little piglet which they rescued in April.

Named 'Little Pearl', the piglet was said to be hiding from a thunderstorm one night in a toilet cubicle within a country club in Singapore.

It allegedly got separated from its family when they were trying to seek shelter from the rain.

However, Little Pearl could not catch up, and got left behind.

Found by country club staff

Little Pearl somehow found its way to a toilet cubicle in the country club.

Fortunately, a country club staff spotted Little Pearl in the corner of the cubicle and alerted ACRES.

The wildlife rescue team then picked the piglet up.

The deputy chief executive of ACRES, Kalai Vanan, revealed to Mothership that the rescued piglet has been released back into the wild.

"The piglet was found stranded in the country club premises. It was given a physical health check and released back into the neighbouring forested area where adults (boars) have been sighted before."

Kalai was unable to reveal further details about this incident.

You can see the Facebook post here:

ACRES fund-raising

If you are thinking of helping ACRES to save more boars and other wild animals, they are currently raising funds to support its operational cost through its annual Charity Gala.

In a separate Facebook post, the non-profit organisation shared that the number of rescue calls has increased by 450% since 2009, when the 24-hour wildlife rescue hotline was activated.

These rescue efforts come with a higher expense, so the organisation is looking for contributions from the public.

Read more about the Charity Gala here:

Top photo collage from ACRES Facebook


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