79-year-old landlord’s rental flat allegedly left damaged & mouldy by tenants

The flat had allegedly been in a pristine condition when it was first handed over to the tenants.

Matthias Ang | May 5, 03:40 pm


For landlords, few things are more nightmarish than a tenant that leaves a messy and damaged flat in their wake.

79-year-old landlord with heart condition left with damaged flat

On May 4, a Facebook user put up a post with several photos describing the state of a rental flat that had been left in a damaged and mouldy condition by the tenants.

In explaining the situation, he stated that the elderly 79-year-old landlord was illiterate with a heart condition, and reliant on the rental for monthly medical treatment.

As for the tenants, they were supposedly a Filipino couple, both aged 31-years-old, who had apparently vacated from the flat, with less than a week’s notice, on the grounds that the husband was due to be promoted to the position of manager for his company in Ang Mo Kio.

The FB user alleged that the tenants had left the flat in a poor condition in the wake of their hurried departure, with issues such as:

  • Mouldy and greasy walls which were also drilled,
  • Damaged home appliances including:
    • a broken fan,
    • a burnt induction cooker,
    • a broken shower head holder,
    • a cracked fridge compartment, and
  • Unpaid utility bills.

The Facebook user added that what this made even more distressing was that the flat had supposedly been in a pristine condition when it was first given to the tenants, with a fresh coat of paint, and the provision of a new induction cooker, fridge and washer.

Photos show a police report was made, along with condition of walls and cooker

Photos accompanying the post subsequently showed that a police report was filed against the tenants, supposedly by the landlord, on the grounds that he had yet to receive back the keys to the flat from the couple.

Another pair of photos also showed the before-and-after condition of the induction cooker that had supposedly been provided to the couple, with the induction cooker appearing partly burnt in one of them.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Five of the photos also showed the degraded state of the flat’s walls and ceilings.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Although in the case of the ceiling, some commentators pointed out that the cause might be due to water leakage rather than the tenants themselves.

Screenshot from Facebook

One photo also purportedly showed the couple shifting out, although it is unclear when this was exactly taken.

Mothership has since reached out to the police for their statement on the matter and will update the article with their reply.

Top image collage from Facebook


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