Carrie Wong apologises to Lawrence Wong for badmouthing him in leaked Instagram messages

She was talking about him to fellow actor Ian Fang.

Mandy How | May 15, 2019, 03:00 PM

The latest scandal to hit Singapore involves leaked texts between local artistes Carrie Wong and Ian Fang.

Private Instagram messages between the two were made public on May 14, 2019:

Besides a heavy amount of flirting, the two had also badmouthed actor Lawrence Wong of Yanxi Palace fame.

If that's not awkward enough, Carrie and Lawrence are currently in the midst of filming for Channel 8 drama My One In A Million, with Lawrence taking over Aloysius Pang's role.

In the leaked Instagram messages, Carrie wrote that Lawrence "had no right" and will never compare to Pang.

She also said that Lawrence needn't have returned to Singapore since he is already so popular in China.

Fang then implied that Lawrence had gotten where he is due to luck, looks, and connections.

In response to these comments, Lawrence posted on Instagram about the sacrifices he made and how he started from the bottom.

Carrie apologises

Just a day later on May 15, Lawrence revealed that Carrie has apologised to him in an interview with Shin Min Daily News.

At the moment, however, no other information about the apology has been revealed.

Top image via Lawrence Wong and Carrie Wong's Instagram


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