Artist draws fake Pokémon inspired by S'porean things like ice kacang, incense & fish head curry

Nintendo, hire this person to help design the next generation.

Ashley Tan| May 29, 04:19 PM

Pokemon has taken the world by storm with its card games, cartoon shows, a mobile game app, and even the latest Detective Pikachu movie.

But some fans are so inspired by the international franchise that they actually create their own Pokemon.


The proper term for the original Pokemon that artists create is "Fakemon".

One Singaporean artist, whose Instagram handle is @bossu_mon, has put a local spin on her Singapore-inspired Pokemon art.

Each drawing comes complete with original Fakemon names, their types, category and even a complete list of attack, defence, health points and speed statistics.

It also includes a short description by the artist of the Fakemon, describing their characteristics and temperament.


Inspirations for the Singapore Fakemon range from local food, to native wildlife, and even cultural objects.

Here are the very creative Fakemons for you to marvel at, and their local inspirations.

Singapore food

Here's one inspired by everyone's favourite hawker centre dessert, ice kacang.

It evolves from a spoon of ice kacang, to a bowl of ice kacang.

Photo from @bossu_mon / IG

Photo from @bossu_mon / IG

And another of the iconic chili crab dish.

Photo from @bossu_mon / IG

There's even a Fakemon of the king of fruits.

"Despite their overpowering & menancing appearance, Odorians are very caring Pokémon. Though their scent may put off some people, those who get past the smell will earn themselves a new friend."

Photo from @bossu_mon / IG

This one is inspired by the red snapper fish and fish head curry. Its name "Snapurry" is a combination of snapper and curry.

Photo from @bossu_mon / IG

Local biodiversity

Considering that quite a few Pokemon are inspired by real life animals, its not hard to envision some of Singapore's native flora and fauna reimagined as Fakemon too.

Here's one inspired by Singapore's Lesser Mouse Deer, but in a cute shade of pink.

Photo from @bossu_mon / IG

This one is inspired by the monitor lizards commonly seen in nature areas like Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

Photo from @bossu_mon / IG

Photo from @bossu_mon / IG

The "Kikoel" is inspired by the Asian Koel, that noisy bird that wakes everyone up in the morning.

It has been aptly named as a Morning Sound Pokemon.

Check out the female morph.

Photo from @bossu_mon / IG

There's even a Fakemon of the Aedes mosquito.

Its attack level is 102, which is very accurate considering the effects of Dengue fever and how hard it is to eliminate Aedes mosquitos.

Photo from @bossu_mon / IG

Plants, too, are redrawn in a new perspective by the artist.

This one is based off Singapore's national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid.

Photo from @bossu_mon / IG

Tragically, this Fakemon is inspired by the numerous roadkill in Singapore.

Photo from @bossu_mon / IG

Other objects

Aside from food and nature, the artist has also transformed other distinctly Singaporean objects into Fakemon.

From the orange and black colours, and the wheels, you might be able to guess that this one was inspired by the now-absent oBike.

Photo from @bossu_mon / IG

This very cute, sleepy-looking Fakemon is inspired by incense and joss sticks.

Its name "Baibai" means "Pray pray" in Chinese.

And this is the artist's description:

"Baibai hide in ancestral shrines & are extremely shy. However they need humans to pray & burn joss sticks as it gives them energy."

Photo from @bossu_mon / IG

The inspiration for this last Fakemon might be more obscure for younger readers.

But it is no less noteworthy for those who used to browse the shelves at Popular bookstores -- a Fakemon based off Russell Lee's True Singapore Ghost Stories books.

The eyes of the Fakemon are very reminiscent of the series' book covers.

Photo from @bossu_mon / IG

Props to the artist, because this is some real creativity and imagination right here.

You can check out the artist's Instagram page for more cool Fakemon here.

Top photo by @bossu_mon / IG


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