3rd Peeping Tom incident in NTU in 3 weeks

NTU in the spotlight now.

Belmont Lay | May 06, 2019, 11:25 AM

A third Peeping Tom incident has reportedly occurred in Nanyang Technological University.

This is the third case in three weeks.

Male peeping at female

According to The New Paper, the latest incident happened on May 1 at about 10.15pm in the women's toilet on the third storey of Hall 4 in Block 22.

A WhatsApp message circulating among students informed them about the incident.

An NTU spokesman told TNP it is investigating the incident: "Our pastoral care team has been providing support to her since the incident.

The incident was reported by a student.

TNP said no police report was made.

Red stool (A chair, not poop)

Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News reported on May 3 that students noticed a red stool near the toilet a few days before the incident.

The alleged culprit is believed to have used it to peek into the cubicle.

Security measures implemented

The NTU spokesman said several security measures were in place to prevent such incidents.

"Access to female toilets in all halls is through key fobs," he told TNP.

"In addition, there are CCTVs in common areas. Campus security officers patrol the residential halls and are told to check that all toilet doors with fob access are securely locked."

But the use of key fobs for all the doors had only recently been implemented, at least one male student said.

He also said he felt such incidents would continue as the punishments are not harsh enough.

The National University of Singapore has since implemented more anti-pervert measures in the wake of its high-profile voyeurism issue.

Previous two cases

A police report was made against a 22-year-old male student from Tamarind Hall, who had allegedly filmed a 20-year-old female student showering in the residences on April 17.

On April 21, a 19-year-old man had allegedly taken photographs of another man in the shower in Hall 3 and the police were called in.

NTU said the suspect was neither a student nor an employee there.

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