Yishun shop sells over 100 types of classic childhood biscuits & snacks

Good times.

Nyi Nyi Thet | April 15, 05:34 pm

You might come across some of your childhood snacks every now and then.

Perhaps in a more palatable/ generic packaging.

This shop in Yishun Junction 9 though, keeps the authentic style of how one used to purchase these snacks from old-time mamak shops.

Nelly’s Retro Shop recently moved to Yishun Junction 9.

They specialise in old-timey Singapore snacks.

Here is what they have to offer.

Image from Laurel Xantella
Image from Laurel Xantella
Image from Laurel Xantella
Image from Laurel Xantella
Image from Laurel Xantella

Here’s a nice little guided video showing what you can expect.

The store is open from 9am to 10pm everyday, and is located at the first floor of Yishun Junction 9.


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