A no-holds-barred review of Shake Shack's menu in Jewel Changi Airport

*Not a real food blogger.

Mandy How | April 11, 2019, 06:16 PM

Shake Shack at Jewel Changi Airport has finally opened its doors.

To the media, at least.

We got to try a number of items, ranging from their burgers to desserts.

Here are our honest thoughts on them.

Savoury mains

For mains, we had the Shack-cago dog, ShackBurger, and 'Shroom Burger.

Out of the lot, our favourite was the ShackBurger, which consisted of a beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and the ShackSauce.

ShackBurger. Photo by Mandy How

Photo by Mandy How

Sounds simple, but it really wasn't. This combination probably wouldn't get you very far anywhere else, but it's mind-blowing  (to a mountain tortoise like me, at least) how well everything came together.

It was also salty in the most complimentary way possible.

We finished a whole burger each. After lunch. Even though it was already semi-cold after all the photo-taking.

Says a lot, huh.

'Shroom Burger. Photo by Mandy How

The 'Shroom Burger was a close second, with a fried portobello mushroom "patty" that wasn't really greasy.

Photo by Mandy How

On the other hand, the hotdog was alright, but we would definitely pass it up for the ShackBurger.

A half-portion for the tasting session. Photo by Mandy How

Photo by Mandy How

The crinkle-cut fries were pretty good though, as was the cheese it came with.

Photo by Mandy How

Photo by Mandy How

Drinks and desserts

Among the drinks, the Pandan Shake stands out as a Singapore-exclusive item.

Photo by Mandy How

Imagine liquid pandan chiffon cake, but thicker. Bits of coconut litter the drink.

It gets rather rich, though, and most of us didn't manage to finish even half of it.

Good for sharing if you like pandan items.

Photo by Mandy How

Among the three concretes (frozen custard ice creams), the mango sago-inspired one was probably the most interesting.

Photo by Mandy How

It features vanilla custard mixed with mango, sago pearls, shortbread, and freeze-dried mango.

But Shack Attack makes a great chocolate dessert that wasn't too sweet.

It features chocolate custard mixed with Plain Vanilla brownies, shack fudge sauce, Lemuel chocolate chunks, and chocolate sprinkles.

Photo by Shake Shack

And a bonus that no one asked for but really needed: The buns are almost sealed at the end, meaning that there will be no dripping mess throughout the meal.

Photo by Mandy How


Our verdict? 10/10 lived up to the hype.

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Top image by Mandy How


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