Pan Lingling & Hong Huifang had the most awkward reunion on stage at Star Awards 2019


Joshua Lee | April 15, 02:32 pm


Mortal enemies Ex-BFFs Pan Lingling and Hong Huifang cross paths again – this time on national television.

Both ladies won Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste awards at Star Awards 2019 and shared the stage for about five minutes.

It was Pan’s fifth time winning this award while it was Hong’s first.

In her speech, Pan thanked her husband, sons, and relatives and friends who supported her silently throughout her 31-year career.

“The journey here has not been easy. Having you all by my side is the happiest thing in my life,” she said.

Pan giving her thank you speech. Screenshot via Toggle.

Hong, on the other hand, was incredulous at her inaugural win:

“How can this be? These youngsters here (on stage) have already won five, nine, 10 times. I’ve been in this industry for 35 years and was nominated about 20 times. I was even thinking of giving myself a Super Star Award after my 20th nomination!”

“Who knew I would be winning my first Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste award today. One is enough. It lacks a zero behind it, but I’m already satisfied with one,” said an elated Hong. “I didn’t live my life for nothing.”

It could just be us, but it appeared that Hong made a conscious effort not to look at Pan, and instead interacted only with Jesseca Liu and Chen Xiuhuan. Pan seemed to glance over at Hong a few times:

According to an interview with 8 Days however, Hong said she did congratulate Pan.


Hong later thanked her husband, daughter and son for having her back as an actress:

“Thank you for bearing with my emotional ups and downs. I’m an actress so my emotions run like a rollercoaster. This award is for you.”

Crossed swords over gossip

The actresses famously crossed swords in July 2018 after Hong sent a “break-up” letter to Pan and copied 50 of their mutual friends, including industry insiders.

Mediacorp’s Hong Huifang blasts Pan Lingling for gossiping about son’s love life

Hong was allegedly angered by Pan’s gossip about the former’s son, Calvert Tay.

Hong wrote:

“Enough is enough, Pan Lingling, you better listen up. I have already made my stand very clear! Why is it that I still hear that you’re going around talking about them….Don’t anger me further, if not I will send this to more people!”

In a reply to the media then, Pan requested to “let time heal all wounds”.

Veterans sweep awards

Speaking of veteran actresses, Star Awards 2019 was a night for old-timers as all four top awards were swept by veteran thespians.

Chen Hanwei won the Best Actor Award while Best Actress went to Queen of Caldecott Zoe Tay. Best Supporting Actor was snagged by Chen Shucheng; Best Supporting Actress went to Lin Meijiao.

Aside from that, veterans like Lina Ng and Chen Xiuhuan got into the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artist list.

Zhu Houren and Chen Shucheng also won their first Top 10 Most Popular Male Artist awards that evening.

You can relive Star Awards 2019 on Toggle.

Chew Chor Meng moved audience to tears with his thank you speech at Star Awards 2019

Top screenshot via Toggle.

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