Designer’s remake of S’pore MRT map makes Circle Line more of a circle

Quite pretty to look at.

Joshua Lee | April 22, 02:43 pm


This is the MRT map that Singaporeans are familiar with:

Via LTA.

The current octolinear design (one with horizontal, vertical, and 45 ̊ diagonal straight lines) is generally thought to be easier to use.

At some point, however, you might have noticed that it is not geographically accurate.

After all, Kranji, Woodlands, Sembawang, and Admiralty don’t lie on an East-West axis. Neither does the entire Tuas West extension sit in a straight line in the west.

One designer, Cliff Tan, has fixed that with his redesigned MRT map:

Via Cliff Tan.

With this redesign, Clarke Quay is actually south of City Hall, Kranji and Admiralty no longer run along the same axis, and the Circle Line is finally more of an actual circle

Tan’s take on the MRT map strikes a balance between making it easy-to-read and staying geographically faithful.

In his post, Tan said that he wanted to make the MRT map more geographically accurate. He also added the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, Marina Bay, and the Singapore River so that commuters can better place themselves on the island.

Tan’s map was very well-received. As of the time of this article, his post had gathered over 1,400 reactions and over 1,700 shares.

You can read Tan’s post below:

Here’s an MRT map which is 100% geographically accurate:

Map shows where all the current MRT lines in S’pore criss-cross

Top images via Cliff Tan. Comments from Tan’s Facebook post. 


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