Influencer Melody Yap goes after Hardwarezone users for defaming her, forum threads removed

The forum users made many unpleasant comments about her marriage and husband.

Mandy How | April 23, 09:25 pm


Melody Yap is an influencer in Singapore and wife of Brad Lau (a.k.a food blogger Ladyironchef).

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Mi amor. ❤️

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In recent months, unsavoury comments about their marriage have surfaced on the Singapore Hardwarezone forum, including insinuations that Lau is being, or will be cuckolded.

The comments stemmed from Yap’s previous Instagram Stories, which showed her partying with her male friends.

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In response to these comments, Yap has taken legal action due to the “false claims and defaming statements”, resulting in the removal of a number of forum threads.

This was revealed on Yap’s Instagram Stories on April 22, 2019:

Image via Melody Yap/Instagram

Yap also warned the forum users who started the saga:

Image via Melody Yap/Instagram
Image via Melody Yap/Instagram

Hardwarezone user apologises

On the same day Yap made these revelations on Instagram, a forum user known as Fat_Auntie posted an apology addressed to Yap.

Besides wishing Yap’s marriage well, the user also declared that the other users will stop posting on the forum.

Image via Hardwarezone

Other users, however, felt that Fat_Auntie made the wrong move by putting out an apology, as it is as good as admitting to making the defamatory remarks.

Image via Hardwarezone
Image via Hardwarezone

You can read the apology thread here.


Top image via Melody Yap’s Instagram


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