JPOT closing down June 16, 2019, offers farewell mala soup for S$8.80

Two months to go.

Guan Zhen Tan | April 23, 07:19 pm


JPOT at Tampines 1 will close its doors permanently on Sunday, June 16.

Last outlet to close

JPOT, a hotpot restaurant owned by the Jumbo Group of Restaurants is best known for their Singapore-style hotpot.

According to The Straits Times, the restaurant chain opened their first outlet at VivoCity in 2009, before expanding to Tampines 1 in August 2012, and subsequently to Parkway Parade in 2014.

All restaurants but the one in Tampines have closed since. JPOT’s Parkway Parade outlet closed in August 2017, while its Vivocity outlet closed in July 2018.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, JPOT thanked its supporters for being part of its memorable journey over the past decade.

“We are glad to have been a part of many happy celebrations and gatherings,” wrote the hotpot restaurant.

Many of their fans were inconsolable.

Screenshot via JPOT’s FB page
Screenshot via JPOT’s FB page
Screenshot via JPOT’s FB page
Screenshot via JPOT’s FB page

New mala soup option

As a farewell special, the JPOT team has released a new Mala soup base due to popular demand for the option.

The base will be paired with a vegetable and mushroom platter for S$8.80 as an individual hotpot serving.

JUMBO rewards members dining in with a group of four or more will receive a complimentary hand-made Jumbo Pork Ball as well, which is worth S$5.80.

Customers with enquiries can contact the restaurant via private message, or contact JPOT at [email protected]

Those with enquiries about their JUMBO Rewards membership can also send a private message or contact JPOT at [email protected]

Top image via JPOT’s Facebook page


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