IKEA introduces strawberry vegan soft serve ice cream in Europe, to be launched globally

Strawberry anything is good.

Belmont Lay| April 01, 11:28 AM

IKEA has introduced strawberry vegan soft serve to its in-store bistros menu across European locations in April 2019, multiple European outlets have reported.

Introducing vegan fare

This move is a follow-up to what IKEA has been doing.

In 2018, the Swedish furniture giant teased the arrival of vegan soft serve.

In August 2018, IKEA Singapore replaced its good old traditional 50 cents vanilla soft serve ice cream cone with one made of soya.

IKEA has been working on creating a strawberry purée base -- in the name of fighting climate change and shifting away from dairy products.

Plant-based food options

“In the past month, we have been working closely with our supplier to find both the right taste and the perfect texture for this new soft ice. Our ambition was to create a plant-based treat that is as soft, airy, and delicious as our popular dairy-based soft ice,” Sandra Lindh, Commercial Manager of IKEA Food Services, said.

“It’s an easy, affordable, and delicious treat for customers that either need or want to skip dairy products and prefer plant-based food options.”

To be introduced overseas

IKEA is currently working on new soft-serve formulations using oats and soy and plans to expand the strawberry vegan treat globally.

IKEA has already introduced vegetarian meatballs and hotdogs overseas, mostly in Europe.


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