IKEA S'pore replaces vanilla soft serve ice cream with soya

And suddenly everyone is a nutrition/ GMO expert in the comments section.

Belmont Lay | August 11, 2018, 02:26 PM

Singaporeans are flipping tables and overturning sofas, figuratively.

This is after IKEA Singapore replaced its good old traditional 50 cents vanilla soft serve ice cream cone with soya.

The announcement of the change was made on Monday, Aug. 6 and has been effective since:

The Swedish furniture giant wrote that the new version of the staple soft serve is “100% plant-based, dry and gluten-free soya ice cream”.

This switch was done to move towards a more sustainable environment.

The previous vanilla version contained ingredients made from dairy products.

Divisive move

The move to do away with dairy has been greeted with approval by lactose-intolerant and vegan customers.

And also met with the usual disapproval:

GMO discussion

Naturally, the discussion steered into GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) territory:


IKEA Singapore has responded that the soya ice cream is made of non-GMO soy beans.

Internationally, IKEA has announced it is updating its menu by providing vegan-friendly options, such as vegan caviar made from kelp seaweed, and veggie hot dogs made from kale, lent, and carrots.

IKEA's sustainable mission would also see it phase out all single-use plastic products by 2020.