IKEA Bangkok sells 45 baht bubble tea, strawberry soft serve, candy pantry & cafe

Cheap and aroy mak mak.

Zhangxin Zheng | April 28, 2019, 03:25 PM

Swedish furniture giant IKEA has upped its game -- in Bangkok, Thailand.

Newly-opened ice cream bar in IKEA Bangna

An ice cream bar has opened in IKEA Bangna in Bangkok, Thailand.

It went live on April 13, 2019.

IKEA Bangna is about 20-minute drive from Rot Fai Train Market.

So, if you have some spare time before dusk, this might be a good place to kill time.

Besides ice cream, IKEA Bangna also sells a variety of frappe and smoothies, and there is even a candy bar.

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Ice cream bar

Besides the conventional flavours such as vanilla and chocolate, the ice-cream bar at IKEA Bangna also sells cotton candy and butterscotch choco crunchy ice cream cones.

The cotton candy ice cream costs 29 baht, which is about S$1.30, while the butterscotch choco crunchy flavour costs 85 baht (S$3.63).

Photo by @thipkrista.

Photo by @pokemi.

The ice-cream bar also has a wide range of toppings for you to choose to add on.

You can also get to try the strawberry vegan soft serve, which was also newly introduced globally in a bid to shift away from dairy products and fight climate change.

Photo by @janenaj_

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Photo from @yj_lab_daily.

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Frappe and smoothies

Besides ice-creams, IKEA Bangna also sells bubble tea, frappe and smoothies that cost between 45 baht (S$1.92) and 60 baht (S$2.56).

A cup of bubble tea costs 45 baht which is about S$1.92.

Photo from @jell_lly.

There are also matcha and chocolate frappes.

Photo by @laqx.fluk.

Photo by @ekslmm.

As well as passion fruit smoothies.

Photo by @iamapresentz.

Some of these flavours might be seasonal.

Previously, there was a sweet potato flavoured frappe and a durian flavoured smoothie in store too.

Photo by @ployliciousss.

Photo by @maxmahorn.

Candy bar

For those who wish to reminisce the old school candy bar, IKEA Bangna might be an unexpected but perfect place for you to do so.

Every 100g of candy apparently costs 50 baht (S$2.14) and you are free to choose and mix the candies as you wish.

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สวรรค์ของคนรักขนม😍 ทั้งเยลลี่ ทั้งช้อคโกแลต ฟินมากกก 💸 THB 50 —> 100g. 📍 IKEA Bangna / Bangyai 📌 @ikeathailand ——————————————————— #bkkcafe #bkkcafelife #cafehoppingbkk #hungryfattyy #ikea #ikeathailand #ikeacafe #chocolate #sweets

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Biggest IKEA in Southeast Asia

If IKEA Bangna is not along the way on your next trip to Thailand, you can also try IKEA Bangyai, which is located just next to Central Westgate Shopping Complex.

IKEA Bangyai is also the largest IKEA outlet in Southeast Asia.

Top photo collage from @janenaj_ and @jell_lly.