Great Eastern places NUS student who filmed girl in shower "on immediate suspension"

He has submitted his resignation.

Joshua Lee | April 22, 2019, 05:40 PM

Local insurance giant Great Eastern Singapore has suspended a financial advisor who is currently embroiled in a voyeuristic scandal.

In a Facebook post published on April 22, Great Eastern Singapore said one Nicholas Lim was placed on immediate suspension, following which Lim submitted his resignation from the company, according to the post.

Adding that it strongly disapproves of any inappropriate misconduct by its financial representatives, Great Eastern Singapore said it will not hesitate to take necessary action against such employees.

Who is Nicholas Lim:

On April 19, National University of Singapore student Monica Baey revealed, via a series of InstaStories, that she saw Lim filming her in the shower on Nov. 5, 2018.

Lim is currently a student at NUS as well as a financial advisor with Advisors' Clique, which is part of Great Eastern Singapore.

When reported to the school, Lim was suspended for a semester, asked to write an apology letter, and sent for mandatory counselling.

He was also given a 12-month conditional stern warning by the police after a two-month investigation.

Dissatisfied with the outcomes by the school and the police, Baey took to Instagram to speak out and "demand real consequences for perpetrators that commit such acts".

Her posts ignited a furore among netizens, many of whom demanded more severe punishment from the school and Lim's employer, Great Eastern Singapore.

You can read Great Eastern Singapore's post below:

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Top photos by Monica Baey's Instagram page and Great Eastern Singapore. 


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