Grandfather visits handphone shop, asks for help sending birthday message to granddaughter

So sweet.

Tanya Ong | April 15, 04:22 pm


Sometimes, the elderly struggle to keep up with technology.

And according to a April 10 tweet by one Jamie Yeoh, this is exactly what happened to her grandfather, whom she says has trouble using WhatsApp.

However, the man refused to let that stand in the way of connecting with his granddaughter, who appears to be in Malaysia.

Birthday WhatsApp message

In order to send his granddaughter a birthday message this year, he apparently went to a phone shop to ask for help.

The elderly man then WhatsApp-ed his granddaughter a photo of a note saying “Happy birthday Jamie Yeoh”.

This was according to Yeoh’s screenshot of the chat conversation with her grandfather, whom she calls ‘Ah Khong’:


From the screenshot, though, it appears that her grandfather was able to send a message wishing Yeoh ‘Happy birthday’ the year before.

In response to her tweet, some people also highlighted her grandfather’s display photo, which featured Peppa Pig.

Yeoh replied that her six-year-old little cousin selected the display photo for him:

“[…] my little cousin (she’s 6) actually set that as his dp & seeing how he doesn’t know his way around WhatsApp he doesn’t even know it’s his dp let alone change it”

Aww x2.

Top photo via Twitter/@jamieyeoh.

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