A&W opening 2nd S'pore outlet in June 2019, 3rd by 2020

The 'pulling a Gongcha' theory seems to be working out.

Mandy How| April 16, 09:15 AM

A&W will be opening its second outlet in Singapore in June this year, and a third by 2020.

"Here to stay"

Speaking to CNA, Kelvin Tan, A&W International's director of marketing and communication, revealed that the second outlet will be at a "very high traffic location", but did not give further hints.

The subsequent outlets are intended to ease the crowd off the first outlet at Jewel Changi Airport, he reportedly added.

Tan reassures us that A&W is "here to stay".

Longest queue in Jewel Changi

CNA reported that more than 50 people were queuing to enter the restaurant on Monday (Apr. 15) morning, even before it opened.

Tan said that A&W now boasts the longest queue in Jewel Changi Airport, with April 15 at its peak since the store's opening on April 11.

Plans to submit application to MUIS

Furthermore, Tan disclosed to CNA that A&W has "every intention" to submit its application for halal-certification to the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS).

In fact, the management is "in the process" of doing so, and are waiting for the crowds to ebb before proceeding with the audit.

The current menu is "Muslim-friendly", meaning that there is no pork and no lard in its food items.

A&W first entered the Singapore market in 1966, but left in 2003.

16 years later, the chain has finally returned to much fanfare and excitement.

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