Nas Daily to get 3 months' housing rent of S$15,000 free if he finds a home via property portal

Renting a place in Singapore for S$5,000 a month is hardly a challenge.

Martino Tan | March 26, 2019, 02:43 AM

And the deals are pouring in for Nas Daily even before he gets to Singapore.

Free rental package

Property marketplace is the pace-setter by becoming the first Singaporean company to actively cultivate vlogger Nuseir Yassin, also known as Nas Daily.

On March 25, issued a challenge to Nuseir and his girlfriend Alyne Tamir: Find their dream home in Singapore using the portal.

The 27-year-old Arab-Israeli Nuseir announced that he will arrive in Singapore by April 20, with plans to hire five people for his Nas Daily Media Company.

Nas Daily's girlfriend: Challenge accepted

The challenge was accepted by Alyne within hours.



Jeff Koh, director of sales for, issued the challenge with the following conditions:

  • Nuseir and girlfriend will find their home through and will pay for up to three months of housing rent.
  • The monthly rental would be capped at S$5K or S$15k in total.

Longer term residence ideal, however, understands that Nuseir and Alyne are interested in a longer term place to set up their team instead of moving between residences.

In response to queries, has clarified that while Nuseir is potentially looking for a longer term lease, will only be helping to cover the first three months of rental.

Employment pass checked, company set up, home settled, all set?

Nuseir had earlier revealed to Today that he will be on the EntrePass, a permit that allows foreign entrepreneurs to start a business in Singapore.

And it looks like he will be building his company by providing five new jobs for people residing in Singapore.

Needs to remember to pay taxes

With his accommodation for the first three months settled by, all Nuseir needs to do is to pay his taxes.

Nuseir can refer to a reminder by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) to all social media influencers and bloggers here:

"I received a blogging fee as well as sample products/services for my review. Are these sample products/services received taxable?

Answer: Yes. However, you are not required to declare the benefit if the sample product/service was provided to you on an ad-hoc basis for one-off consumption or testing; and its value does not exceed $100. Where the value exceeds $100, the full value should be declared."

Tax declaration

In other words, Nuseir will need to declare his three-month rental, as it is considered by IRAS as a "recurring supply of product/services provided over time".

So, it will be S$15,000 declared plus whatever extra fees that was received via this arrangement with

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