MCE tunnel ceiling leaks water, motorists speculate burst pipe to be the cause

A scary scenario, considering part of the MCE runs below the seabed.

Matthias Ang| March 19, 12:31 PM

[Update: An LTA spokesperson has stated that the leak was due to the accidental triggering of the tunnel's fire sprinklers at 7.10am. LTA added that no fire was detected and that the cause of the incident was the result of a technical fault.]

The Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) appears to be experiencing water troubles -- yet again.

On March 19, a video was uploaded to the Facebook group Singapore Taxi Driver, showing water pouring from the roof of the MCE tunnel.

The video appeared to be filmed from the perspective of a taxi passenger, with the taxi driving through the pouring water at one point.

Here is the video:

In case you can't see the video:

[video width="848" height="480" mp4=""][/video]

The video's caption said:

"Avoid ecp towards mce.... Hearsay pipes burst.. 

Traffic building up

Yes, it’s confirmed"

Passenger and driver speculate that it's a pipe burst

The video begins with the right window at the passenger's seat being winded down, with the driver heard stating:

"On the right ah. Wah, don't know what happened."

Several motorcyclists can be seen stopped along the right side of the expressway.

Someone can also be heard in the background commenting that a pipe has burst, although it is unclear if this is the driver or passenger due to the background noise.

Midway through the video, the window is wound back up and the driver is further heard saying: "Burst, burst. Record or not?"

At this point, water rains on the car and the driver adds again: "Pipe burst, pipe burst."

Subsequently, both passenger and driver can be heard speculating on the danger posed by the alleged burst pipe, with the passenger asking if it is seawater that is leaking into the tunnel.

Not the first time MCE tunnel has had a leak

This is not the first time the MCE tunnel has experienced a leak.

Previously, in January 2018, a section of the tunnel had to close for two hours because of a burst pipe.

Some 420 metres of the 3.5km-long underground tunnel travels under the seabed.

This had posed engineering challenges in the tunnel construction as large amounts of water were let out from the barrage from time to time.

Undersea dredging was also required during the MCE's construction, along with the reclamation of over 22 hectares of land.

At its deepest point, the expressway lies about 20 metres under the seabed.

Top image collage from Singapore Taxi Driver

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