Young Romeo & Juliet otters elope to Pasir Ris, father of House of Capulet disapproves as wild jungle fowls watch drama unfold

Every family has its own problems.

Zhangxin Zheng | February 25, 12:59 am

Otter story time.

Remember the young female otter, named Aquarius, which suffered a deep cut around her body as a result of human litter back in 2017?

Otter with deep cut caused by metal wire spotted at Pasir Ris Park

That otter pup was then successfully rescued and treated following a highly coordinated multi-agency operation, and subsequently reunited with the Pasir Ris otter family that she came from.

Well, it appears Aquarius might have a wild streak as she has since rebelled against her father’s and family’s wishes, and eloped with a wild male otter to start her own family and journey through life.

Out of Pasir Ris gang

According to a Facebook post by Ottercity on Feb. 22, the otter Aquarius, which is of adolescent age now, was apparently chased out of the family after meeting and falling in love with a young wild male otter.

Unfortunately, Aquarius’ dad could not accept the outsider male otter.

Between love and family, Aquarius chose the former and left with the male otter.

Still living in Pasir Ris

However, the couple are still living in the same vicinity as the Pasir Ris family.

The area they reside at is between Pasir Ris and Changi area, but the young couple have been avoiding the rest of the family.

Occasionally, a young otter can be spotted visiting the couple, which otter enthusiasts have speculated could be one of Aquarius’ siblings.

Meeting inevitable

On Feb. 22 at around 8.45am in the morning, the couple inevitably bumped into the Pasir Ris otter dad and they got chased off by the obstinate head of Pasir Ris family.

Here’s a video that captures Aquarius and its mate scurrying off:

Jungle fowls follow after

The couple’s appearance then created quite a fair bit of commotion among the wild residents of Pasir Ris Park.

The remaining four Pasir Ris otters from the family then went running after otter dad, who chased after the couple.

Several curious jungle fowls that are residents of Pasir Ris Park, followed after the otters.

An onlooker witnessed this unusual sight of jungle fowls chasing after otters:

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Online reactions

Unsurprising, hooman friends of otters who are way too familiar with such family drama have chimed in:

‘Modern version of the love story between Romeo and Juliet, quickly give birth to a Year of Hog baby so that the grandfather will accept them.’

While many otter fans probably wish for a happy ending to this story, that is unlikely to happen.

Such is the way of life for otters as explained in this comment.

Good luck, Aquarius.

Gif created by video from Phil Viles and all comments from Ottercity post. Top photo collage from Phil Viles’s video and Ottercity’s video.

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