Otter with deep cut caused by metal wire spotted at Pasir Ris Park

The otter could die.

Zhangxin Zheng | October 31, 2017 @ 11:33 am


A otter looking badly wounded has been spotted at Pasir Ris Park on Oct. 30 by nature enthusiast Abel Yeo.

The otter has a a metal wire wrapped around its body.

This otter is a pup from the Changi family that frequents areas such as Pasir Ris and Lorong Halus.

Here’s a close-up of the laceration:

Photos and a video taken by Yeo show that while the metal wire is causing a deep laceration on the otter’s body, the pup still appears seemingly healthy and active, swimming with its family and savouring its catch in the water:

Photo courtesy of Abel Yeo
Photo courtesy of Abel Yeo
Photo courtesy of Abel Yeo

The surrounding water is also visibly littered with plastic bottles, package drink, cigarette butts and debris which can also endanger the lives of these otters.

Photo courtesy of Abel Yeo
Photo courtesy of Abel Yeo

It is not known for how long has the otter been trapped with this metal wire.

But it is believed to have been at least two weeks and the wound has deepened and widened over time:

Screenshot from Abel Yeo Facebook post

A veterinary pathologist at Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Chia-Da Hsu, has commented on the potential implications of such an injury, such as infection and death, as well as other considerations before any rescue action can be taken.

Screenshot from Chun-kit Soo Facebook post

The Otter Working Group is formulating an intervention plan with various relevant agencies and ACRES.

Previously, human intervention allowed a six-week-old pup to be rescued, nursed and re-introduced back to its parents and siblings from the Marina family.

6-week-old otter pup ZooToby feeling alright again thanks to humans at Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Top photo courtesy of Abel Yeo

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