Journalist pesters S’porean actress Jayley Woo over WhatsApp to talk about Aloysius Pang

Terrible, terrible.

Mandy How |Zhangxin Zheng | January 24, 05:53 pm


A journalist in Singapore has come under fire for his unprofessionalism in dealing with his subject’s grief:

Jayley Woo’s twin sister shares screenshot of journalist trying to get scoop on Aloysius Pang

And as it turns out, that one screenshot was just the tip of the iceberg.

In two more screenshots of a WhatsApp chat provided by a Mothership reader, more messages exchanged between Jayley Woo and the paparazzi reporter — presumably the same one from the previous screenshot — were revealed.

Jayley is the girlfriend of Pang, who was distraught following news of his passing broke at 8.45pm on Jan. 23.

Here’s a translation of the Chinese text:

Journalist: Hihi sorry it is a terrible time but appreciate if you can talk for three mins

I understand you may be very very sad. So you reveal everything…

And now you catch attention of everyone… But then you won’t answer a journalist who tries to make sure everything he writes is factual.

No Aloysius would not have done it this way or to me. Not to someone he knows or respects I believe.

Everyone is sad. But I cherish every chance I can write about him, not to regret any mindless mistakes later.

Jayley: Sure you do dear brother

It’s my way of remembering him when I lost most of the photos but kept the memories. Say what you want brother but please, I trouble you, I beg you, don’t sensationalise his death. After all when he was injured, you appear to have used him as the headlines for the those couple of days. I won’t be pursuing that, but just for this, I can’t get over it, please understand.

Journalist: This is the price that a public figure has to pay, isn’t it?

When you want, you get media to write. But when you don’t want, you call it “making use”

How can there be such a thing?

Jayley: Celebrities are different from others, that’s right but I’m also a human-being, brother and I’ve already said I’m not replying so I will not reply. Hope to seek your understanding.

Journalist: A person only dies once, shouldn’t a reporter ensure that the last report is verified and accurately presented?

You sure you are suited to be a celebrity with this mindset?

I’m sorry, I know you are devastated, but who isn’t?

Jayley: I can’t give you the verification you want, brother

I’m not suitable (to be a celebrity), frankly speaking I really joined the showbiz by mistake.

Journalist: Or should we snoop around, and then write something inaccurate?

Then you’ll come and scold the media for making use of you and making use of the deceased

Jayley: Perhaps that is already so

I’m not very clear-headed now. If I do anything to offend you, I apologise

Journalist: Can we talk?

Jayley: But I don’t owe anyone anything

Including you

Journalist: Of course

Jayley: Others are are reporters/ journalists too. They are respectful too.

Journalist: But if in the end it’s because you didn’t handle this properly

Jayley: But you keep digging my wounds even after being rejected

Journalist: And it becomes an unfavourable consequence

Jayley: And you didn’t stop, brother

Journalist: It shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of the media

You are responsible too

Jayley: It’s ok. Anyway I’ve already said, right now in this world, the ones I owe the most to are my parents.

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Photo from Instagram @Jayleybeans and Mothership reader via @Jayleybeans

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