Journalist who allegedly pestered Jayley Woo posts apology on Instagram

The journalist at the centre of the controversy has apologised.

Kayla Wong | Sulaiman Daud | January 25, 2019, 10:23 AM

The journalist who allegedly harassed Jayley Woo, Aloysius Pang's girlfriend, has apologised on his Instagram account.

On Jan. 25, Hong Ming Hua, who identifies himself as a Senior Entertainment Correspondent with Lianhe Zaobao and Wanbao, posted an apology addressed to Jayley Woo.

You can see it below:

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待续。 @jiaqiwoo #洪铭铧集邮新闻 #hongmenyannews

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In case you can't read it, here's what it says:

"Regarding the incident with Jayley Woo, to have hurt her, I will personally apologise to her. While communicating with her, the process was too rushed and some things were left unsaid, and so it’s particularly easy to result in a misunderstanding. I will personally explain to her.

Asking the family (and loved ones) of the victim for an interview is perhaps the part of a reporter’s job that’s the most unpleasant. I can’t say I’m inexperienced. Perhaps I botched things up this time."

The comment left on the first Instagram read, "To be continued."

He then posted another message, which you can see below:

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接上则。🙏 @jiaqiwoo #洪铭铧集邮新闻 #hongmenyannews

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Here's what it says (translated):

"One should take responsibility for one’s actions. I’ll accept all the online criticisms (directed at me). But let me stress that this has nothing got to do with my innocent family, nor my excellent colleagues. They might not agree with what I did, so please do not harm them. Otherwise you wouldn’t be different from the “me” that you’re scolding.

As for invading upon one’s privacy or even something illegal, please do not be rash and do it, in case you regret it. Some people have taken advantage of the chaos of the comments section and accused me of things that I did not do. So I hope that those who see the comments will remain calm and ascertain the truth. I only take responsibility for the things that I did before. I’ve disturbed everyone. Thanks."

The caption reads "Continued from the previous post" and tags @jiaqiwoo, which is Jayley Woo's Instagram account.

Controversy over pushy messages

The journalist found himself at the centre of a storm of controversy after local blogger Xiaxue and YouTube personality Dee Kosh commented on the controversy.

It stemmed from Jayley Woo sharing messages on her Instagram of a reporter who tried to contact her soon after the news of Pang's death surfaced in the media.

You can read a portion of the messages she shared below:

"Journalist: This is the price that a public figure has to pay, isn’t it?

When you want, you get media to write. But when you don’t want, you call it “making use”

How can there be such a thing?

Jayley: Celebrities are different from others, that’s right but I’m also a human-being, brother and I’ve already said I’m not replying so I will not reply. Hope to seek your understanding.

Journalist: A person only dies once, shouldn’t a reporter ensure that the last report is verified and accurately presented?

You sure you are suited to be a celebrity with this mindset?

I’m sorry, I know you are devastated, but who isn’t?

Jayley: I can’t give you the verification you want, brother

I’m not suitable (to be a celebrity), frankly speaking I really joined the showbiz by mistake."

Pang, 28, died on Jan. 23 from injuries sustained while performing reservist duties in New Zealand.

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