People in America are using cough syrup Pei Pa Koa to make “holiday-themed” bubble tea


Mandy How | December 16, 2018 @ 11:13 am

This is not a gag drink.

Labobatory, a bubble tea (or boba tea, as they call it) house in California, USA, is using Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa in their bubble teas.

Also known as Pi Pa Gao in Mandarin, the cough syrup is well-known to most Asians.

You know, as something we drink when we are sick.

Image via Labobatory/Facebook page

According to Labobatory’s Facebook page, the “cough syrup green tea” will be running throughout the holiday season, alongside four other “holiday-themed” drinks.

“We strive to create unique concoctions that blend premium traditional ingredients and modern twists on ingredients new and old,” was what they said.

Image via Labobatory/Facebook page

The other four drinks are relatively normal, though. They are:

  • Chocolate peppermint milk tea
  • Milk tea with taro cheese foam
  • White chocolate strawberry milk tea
  • Spiced chocolate
Image via Labobatory/Facebook page

Ok can.

Top image from Labobatory’s Facebook page


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