Hong Kong's 'most beautiful porter' becomes Internet-famous for just doing her job

She's dubbed the Asian 'Lara Croft' too.

Kayla Wong | December 11, 2018, 05:14 PM

A female porter has become Internet-famous in Hong Kong for her healthy looks and strong physique.

Screenshot via TVB (official)/YT

According to Dimsum Daily, 30-year-old Zhu Qianpei was dubbed the Asian 'Lara Croft', after the fictional character that raids tombs.

She has been a porter for ten years.

GIF adapted via China New/YT

GIF adapted via China New/YT

Screenshot via China New/YT

Ever since she became famous, she has been approached by many people who want to take selfies with her.

Screenshot via 果籽/YT

Likes being a porter

Before becoming a porter, Zhu had tried her hand at various jobs.

She worked in a regular office, a hotel, a restaurant, and even tried out cleaning.

Out of all these jobs, she said she liked being a porter the best.

She told Apple Daily (Hong Kong):

"I'm the happiest when I'm delivering stuff. I feel free, and there's no office politics.

The pay is rather good too. It's enough for myself."

According to Apple Daily (Hong Kong), a porter in Hong Kong usually earns around HKD13,000 to HKD14,000 (S$2,282 - S$2,458).

The pay increases by HKD3,000 to HKD4,000 (S$527 - S$703) if the delivery job involves heavier stuff like dried foods and oil.

Earn money & work out at the same time

But working hours are not fixed.

Porters may work for more than 10 hours and go to more than 20 different locations to unload the goods.

Zhu said her body can still take this sort of physically-demanding work.

"I look at it as exercising and training my body.

But the job can get stressful at times when I have to rush to various locations and when customers tell me to hurry up and deliver the goods quickly."

She added that others respect her for doing this job, and that being a porter is good for it allows her to earn money and work out at the same time.

Rested for half a day after getting injured

Zhu told China News she has been injured many times in the course of her work.

"The most horrible one was when I fell through the air while I was unloading at the side door.

It was horrifying. Fortunately I didn't hurt anything other than my feet.

I got half a day off. Setbacks make me stronger."

There are multiple scars on her body as well.

Zhu knows that she could not possibly do this sort of manual work indefinitely.

She has plans to get a heavy-duty truck license so she can earn more money.

Zhu, who is single at the moment, told Apple Daily (Hong Kong) her future partner must not mind her work as it is something she enjoys doing.

Zhu is a cat lover. She goes to an eatery regularly to feed the cats there. (Screenshot via 果籽/YT)

Netizens react

Many netizens were impressed by her choice of work.

Screenshot via TVBUSAofficial

Screenshot via TVBUSAofficial

She has been working as a porter for ten years before media picked up her story, so she's definitely not doing this to become famous. She finally got the recognition she deserved.

Screenshot via TVBUSAofficial

She's tough and can really endure things well. Not everyone can do that.

Screenshot via TVBUSAofficial

She could have relied on her looks to earn a living, but she chose to do manual labour, how can that not be admirable?

Screenshot via TVB (official)

The average woman might not even be able to carry 25kg. Yet she's able to lug the load up the stairs. How strong! Personally, I really admire her!

You can watch her interview with China News here:

Top image adapted via TVBUSAofficial/YT & China News/YT


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