A cruise trip is the only way to survive a family holiday, explained

We love family, just not on holidays.

Tsiuwen Yeo | Sponsored | December 01, 2018, 11:00 AM

Have you been on a family holiday?

Chances are, you have. And chances are that you’ve, at some point on the trip, regretted it.

Why? Because young kids drive their parents nuts. Parents drive the adult children insane. If there are relatives beyond the nuclear family, it feels like a colossal mistake.

I say this as someone who has been both the guilty young kid and adult child who, on a recent trip, screamed at her parents and remained in an angry fit for a whole afternoon.

It happened because my parents were fully reliant on me to do everything. That said, all parents would love to do that when their child is finally adulting, can you blame them?

But at some point, I found myself driving on a coastal road completely lost, trying to navigate with my phone between my knees and driving slow enough to read the road signs in Japanese -- all while answering the same question being asked over and over -- “where are we going?”

I blew up. Can you blame me?

Everyone wants to relax, nobody wants to be in charge

The big blow-up on the coastal road became a defining anecdote of the trip, which I shared to anyone who asked how my trip was.

It turns out that the stress I felt on the holiday happens to other adult children as well. Perhaps it’s the need to impress our parents.

Maybe it’s just that someone needs to be in charge, but no one wants to be.

But I just wanna be on holiday okay. I’m not at work. It’s the worst feeling to need a holiday after you get back from one.

That’s why the best holiday for a family is a cruise. Because everything is there in a contained space. There’s no need to plan or coordinate anything -- it’s all done for you.

Just cruise along

When you sign up for a cruise, you sign up for an all-inclusive trip -- accommodation, transport, food, entertainment, everything.

Imagine all that prep work for your holiday taken out of the picture. No itinerary, no planning for transportation. That’s 50% of your stress gone.

And when your holiday comes around, all you need to do is literally show up, and then go along with the schedule that’s already planned for you. Or you can just do whatever you want, without having to make sure everyone’s together all the time.

“But you’re in an enclosed space, the children might get bored quickly.”

The answer is a themed cruise.

Cruises are not all about casinos and buffets; cruises like Genting Dream Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse features lead characters from the upcoming Spiderman movie.

It’s like stepping into the Spider-man area at a theme park -- except you’ll be with Peter Parker and friends for a few days.

The Spider-man themed cruise will feature a Christmas performance where Spidey doubles as Santa, acrobatic Spider-man swinging performances, other interactive activities and a scavenger hunt, which should entertain young (and old) kids to no end.

There’s even Spider-man themed afternoon tea sessions, which will probably be the only time you will eat spiders willingly.

All these on top of all the activities you can expect on a cruise trip -- live performances, ballroom dancing, swimming, eating, lounging, games, shopping, lounging, spa, eating, lounging.

It’s almost like being in an all-inclusive theme park resort for a holiday. The best thing is, you’ll probably not have fights with your family because everyone’s too tired from trying activities and stuffing their faces.

No more endless questions. No more navigation. No more barely contained anger from getting lost and missing a meal.

No more meltdowns on coastal roads.


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