76-year-old man visited his MP & requested to be mobilised if S'pore goes to war

The elderly man hoped for his MP to write a letter to Mindef.

Tanya Ong | December 11, 2018, 01:51 PM

One Facebook user Desmond Tan has uploaded a photo and a caption to share an incident that happened during a Meet-the-People session recently.

76-year-old hoped to be mobilised

In his Facebook post on Dec. 10, Tan said that he met an elderly man who asked his Member of Parliament (MP) to write a letter to Mindef.

According to Tan, the 76-year-old requested for himself and his 5SIR buddies to be mobilised if Singapore goes to war.

Photo via Desmond Tan's Facebook.

There was no mention of the constituency.

And it is assumed Tan was helping out at the MPS.

"Unity of our people will see us through"

In Tan's post, he said he does not think that we will and does not wish to see Singapore go to war.

However, he added that it is "not about how many fighter jets or RSS we have".

Instead it is "the unity of our people", ranging from 18 to 80 years old, that will "see us through".

Military Reserve?

The reason for the elderly man's appeal is highly unusual and probably made in the heat of the moment.

In Singapore, male individuals are phased into Military Reserve (MR) after fulfilling at least seven High Key In-Camp Training and 10 active ORNS (Operationally-Ready National Service) years.

Upon phasing into MR, one will no longer be called up for ORNS activities.

However, they may still be activated for operational service up to their statutory age: 50 and 40 years old for Officers and WOSEs (Warrant Officers, Specialists and Enlistees) respectively.

This is Tan's Facebook post:

Top photo via Desmond Tan's Facebook & Mindef.

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