Food deliveryman arrested in Yishun, e-scooter seized by LTA for exceeding weight limit

He turned emotional when LTA explained the offence to him.

Matthias Ang | November 21, 2018, 02:36 PM

Irresponsible e-scooter riders have hogged headlines lately, which probably explains why it has become significant enough to be raised as a topic in Parliament.

And it would appear that one spillover effect is the amount of enforcement carried out in Singapore these days to catch out errant riders.

On Nov. 20, a post with three photos was uploaded to the SG Road Vigilante Facebook page showed an e-scooter rider being apprehended by the police and Land Transport Authority officers.

It was accompanied with the following caption:

"Don't use non-compliant PMD, you may get arrested if you do not comply to the officer's instructions."

According to the police, the incident had occurred along Yishun Avenue 2 at 10.34am on Nov. 20.

Here is a screenshot of the post:

Screenshot from SG Road Vigilante

Rider a food deliveryman with PMD that exceeded weight limit

In response to media queries, LTA said the e-scooter rider in question was a food deliveryman who was requested to stop for checks by LTA's Active Mobility Enforcement Officers -- the personnel wearing bright green shirts in the photos -- "for suspected use of a non-compliant e-scooter".

LTA said the e-scooter was found to have exceeded the maximum weight limit of 20kg upon weighing of the device on the spot.

The rider's e-scooter was then seized "for further investigations" by the enforcement officers as the rider had not been in compliance with public safety.

LTA added that when the enforcement officers subsequently explained to the food deliveryman about the offence he had committed, "he became emotional and laid down on the road".

Accordingly, for the safety of himself and fellow road users, he was restrained by auxiliary police officers until the police arrived.

Source: SG Road Vigilante Facebook

Source: SG Road Vigilante Facebook

A spokesperson for the police said a 33-year-old man was subsequently arrested in relation to the case.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Source: SG Road Vigilante Facebook

Singaporeans react

Responses to the post was varied as some applauded the steps taken by LTA:

Source: SG Road Vigilante Facebook

Others questioned the enforcement of the law.

Source: SG Road Vigilante Facebook

Source: SG Road Vigilante Facebook

Source: SG Road Vigilante Facebook

Source: SG Road Vigilante Facebook

And still others pointed out that it was just another day in Yishun.

Source: SG Road Vigilante Facebook

What does the law state?

According to the rules and code of conduct on LTA's website for cyclists and riders of personal mobility device (PMD) and power-assisted bicycles (PAB):

"All bicycles, PMDs and PABs have to meet the device criteria of maximum weight of 20kg, maximum width of 70cm and maximum capped speed of 25km/h to be used on public paths."

Top image collage from SG Road Vigilante


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