Grab driver fetched blind girl from Simei to Yishun, refunded her S$14 fare as trip was "on the way"

So sweet.

Fasiha Nazren | October 03, 2018, 05:08 PM

Here at Mothership, we've written several stories about Grab drivers who went the extra mile for their customers.

This one fits perfectly into that mould.

Booked Grab for blind daughter

On Oct. 1, Mary Lim had booked for a Grab to pick up her daughter, Adelyn Koh, from her school in Simei to their home in Yishun.

The booking was taken up by a driver named Goh:

Koh has a rare congenital eye disease called Peters Anomaly, which is why Lim sent a note to the driver informing him that the girl was visually impaired.


Driver went the extra mile

According to Lim, the driver was very helpful.

Upon reaching Koh's school, he went out of the car and personally guided her into the car.

Gave Adelyn S$14

After about a 30-minute ride to Koh's residence in Yishun, the driver apparently took S$14 - the cost of the Grab ride which Lim had paid via GrabPay - out of his own pocket and gave it to Koh.

According to the driver, the journey was "on the way", anyway.

Speaking to Mothership, Lim shared that Koh was very surprised that the driver gave the money back:

"Adelyn was trying to reject the driver, but he insisted for her to keep it. So she came home with the money in her hand and asked me what she should do with it."

Kudos to the kind Grab driver.

All images courtesy of Mary Lim


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