30 epic Yanxi Palace quotes to guide you through life

We translated them to the best of our abilities.

Zhangxin Zheng | September 12, 2018, 11:00 PM

Yanxi Palace is the hit Chinese drama of 2018.

If you are not part of the herd, please get yourself acquainted.

Although it is a drama set in the Qing Dynasty, there are actually many life lessons that are relevant and useful even to modern viewers.

In fact, many otakus are attracted to its many epic banter scenes between the many concubines.

This relatability is probably also why so many time-starved modern people are hooked to this 70-episode series.

Here we summarise the Yanxi Guide to Life into five categories derived from 30 classic quotes.

And here's a gif of the empress (Qin Lan) gently asking you to remember these quotes.

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On wisdom and kindness

1. 人心存良善,更应懂自保。

Man should be kind and good-hearted but what's more important is to know how to protect oneself.

2. 若想积累好名声啊,就要一辈子做好事,若有了丝毫的污点,那可就是大厦倾斜。

If you just want to build up a good reputation, you'll have to do good deeds for the entire life. Should you have a blemish, your reputation will be tarnished.

3. 善欲人見,並非真善。

The act of virtue/kindness that wants to be known by others is not true virtue.

4. 所有的危机只要把握得好,就可以变身进身之阶。

 Handle crises well and they can turn into opportunities to rise above all.

5. 如果凡事做得太斤斤计较了,活得会不开心的,任何事情,退一步方能海阔天空。

If you are petty, you will not be happy. Take a step back and you'll get a broader perspective.

6. 是就是,不是就不是,反正我说的每一个字,都对得起天地良心。

Yes means yes, no means no. Every word I say is in good conscience.

Here's another random gif of the empress getting high on flowers.

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On resilience

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7. 世事不会近如人意, 是人就有失败的时候, 所以你要学会耐心地等待, 等到你內心足够強大,等到有一天你不再受制於人, 等到天時、地利、人和。

Not everything in life will go according to plan. To err is human so one's got to learn to wait patiently - wait till one becomes stronger and no longer controlled by others. Wait till the time, geographical and social conditions are in one's favour.

8. 人定胜天是对的。如果在前行的道路上, 你遇到強大的阻碍, 让你无法再继续前行, 不要一心只想着目标, 试着让自己冷静下來, 集中精神把事情做好, 也许,会有柳暗花明的那一刻。

Man's determination can beat Heaven's will. As you progress, if you ever meet a huge obstacle that causes you to stop moving forward, don't just focus on the end goal. Try to calm yourself down, concentrate on completing your tasks well. Maybe, you will be able to turn the tide.

9. 就算我再伤心,我也要告诉自己,沒关系,反正总有一日,我会拥有更好的。

No matter how devastated I am, I must tell myself that it's okay and one day I'll have something better.

10. 在你看來,你所有的等待,都是在积蓄能量,时机一成熟,便会给你的敌人,致命一擊。

The time you spent on waiting is actually spent on accumulating power, once the time is right, you can then give your enemy a fatal blow.

11. 哭泣有用的話,紫禁城早就被淚水淹沒了

If crying works, the Palace will be flooded with tears long ago.


Never cry for those who forsake you for it is futile -- people will mock you for it and it does not solve the problem at all.

13. 这人生在世,就像逆水行舟,不进则退。

Life is like a boat going against the tide, if you don't progress, you will move backwards.

14. 这世上並沒有多少湊巧之事,许多湊巧,事后清算,皆是人為。

There are not many coincidences in this world. In retrospect, they are mostly man-made.

On Love / Relationship

15. 我付出三分,得让他见五分,付出五分得让他还十分,只有这样才是公平公正,若一直背地付出,根本没人懂得珍惜。

If I devote 30 per cent, I'll let him see 50 per cent. If I devote 50 per cent, he will have to return 100 per cent. It is only fair and worthy to do so. No one will appreciate if you conceal your contribution.

16. 从来都不是你騙我,而是我騙我自己。

It wasn't you who have been lying to me, I've been lying to myself all these while.

17. 兩条蛇都是冷血动物,怎么可能互相取暖?

Snakes are cold-blooded, how would they gain warmth from each other?

18. 你知道嫉妒的滋味吗?它彷彿像一条毒蛇,時刻在啃噬着我的心,只要尝过嫉妒的滋味,任何人都会变得很丑陋。

Jealousy is like a snake that devours your heart. Anyone who has ever been jealous will be hideous.

19. 我想用军功去换一个人,一个被我弄丢了,拼了命也想找回来的人。战场上,刀尖几乎刺穿胸膛,我就在想,如果我能活着回来,不顾她的意愿也要得到她,哪怕她怨我,恨我,我也要一辈子把她捆在我身边。

I wanted to exchange my victory for a person, one that I lost but would fight hard to get back. At the battlefield when the sword almost pierced through my chest, I thought to myself if I were to return, I will get her back regardless of how she feels - whether she blames or hates me, I will want to be with her for the rest of my life.

20. 你不愿意去面圣,我不逼你,你愿意留在辛者库,我等你,等你能抛开恩怨,放下包袱,不管多久,哪怕用这一生,我也会等到底。

I wouldn't force you if you are not willing to meet the Emperor with me. If you want to stay in Sin Jeku, I'll wait for you. I'll wait for you to let bygones be bygones, leave the past behind no matter how long it takes, even if it's my entire lifetime, I'll wait till the end.

21. 这一生我守着你,已经守够了,下辈子,可不可以换你来守着我?

I've been your guardian angel in this lifetime. Can you be my guardian angel in the next?

22. 你一往情深,但为什么要告诉他?先说出口的人,就已经输了。

You are so devoted to the Emperor but why did you let him know? The one who says "I love you" first, loses.

On fake news

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23. 別管这事情有多荒谬,只要有人信,那就是真的。

No matter how ridiculous this rumour is, as long as there are people who believe, it will be real.

24. 要消灭流言的最好方法,就是把事情闹大,让众人知道真相。

The best way to extinguish a rumour is to blow up the matter and let everyone know the truth.

On anti-bullying

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25. 我,魏瓔珞,天生脾气爆、不好惹,谁要是再唧唧歪歪,我有的是法子对付她

I, Wei Ying Luo, am born bad-tempered and don't like to be provoked. I'll have my ways against those who still dare to talk gibberish or gossip.

26. 事情不來,我不主动惹事。事情來了,我也並不怕事。为人处世无非就是兵来将挡,水來土掩,若是处处担忧,心怀恐惧,那还活个什么劲啊。

If trouble doesn't come, I will not create trouble. I deal with whatever that comes along in life. If I have to worry and fear all the time, what's the point of living?

27. 怕输就用卑鄙手段,只会让人更瞧不起你。

Using despicable means to win will only get you despised.

28. 依附於強者,不如自己变成強者。

Being powerful is better than relying on those in power.


29. 惡人都是欺軟怕硬的,你越是畏懼,他就越是欺凌。

Bullies always target the weak and fear the tough ones. The more you fear, the more he bullies.

30. 哪怕是蝼蚁也能撼动大象,凡欺人者,他日必为人所欺。

Even small ants can affect a huge elephant. Those who bully will eventually get bullied by others too.

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