BreadTalk Group bringing in TaiGai, premium tea with fruity cheese crowns, on Sep. 5 at NEX

Pioneer of tea-cafes coming soon too.

Mandy How | Sponsored | September 04, 2018, 07:10 PM

Come Sep. 5, another reputed novelty brand will spring up in Singapore: TaiGai.

TaiGai's first overseas outlet

With over 60 outlets in China, TaiGai will open its first overseas outlet in [email protected] on Sep. 5, 2018.

Instead of the regular cheese crowns (how far we have come to call cheese bubble tea "regular"), certain drinks from TaiGai will feature fruit-blended milk cheese crowns, called FRUITY MILKY KISS.

The unique topping, which TaiGai claims to have created, is supposed to complement its pulpy fruit-blended teas.

Here's a look at some of their tea series.

“The Signature” - FRUITY MILKY KISS Series

Flavours in this series include the Pulpy Strawberry Kiss (S$6.80), Pulpy Black Grape Kiss (S$6.20), and Pulpy Pineapple Kiss (S$6.20).

Each beverage is made with a premium Jasmine green tea base.

The Pulpy Strawberry Kiss, for example, is a blend of fresh strawberries and Jasmine green tea topped with a strawberry-infused milk crown.

It's described to be like literally drinking fruits, and TaiGai recommends that customers enjoy the Pulpy Strawberry Kiss without straws.

This is because sipping the Pulpy Strawberry Kiss affords the beverage a velvety finish that might have otherwise been foiled by a straw.

One, however, can enjoy the fruit bits in other FRUITY MILKY KISS drinks.


Beary Cute Series

What's unique to TaiGai, however, is the Beary Cute Series. The drinks come in adorable cups with a bear-shaped lid — hence the name.

Flavours in this series include the Beary Co Co (S$4.90) and Beary Creative (S$4.50).

The former is a chocolate drink with fresh milk and golden pearls, while Beary Creative is a classic milk tea that comes with a choice of one of these toppings: red bean, nata de coco, or pearls.

Additional toppings come at at S$0.80.

Another thing to note is that the Beary Cute Series are promotional drinks only available at launch, on a while stocks last basis.

Other creative flavours such as mango coconut exist for this range in China which may be brought in subsequently to Singapore.

Sweetness adjusted for optimal taste

Furthermore, TaiGai uses each individual tea's properties to determine the types of fruits used in a beverage, and the fruits also function as a natural sweetener.

As it is, note that the sugar levels cannot be customised by percentage, although customers can ask for less or no sugar options.

For the health-conscious, however, the brand says that only minimal sugar is added to the beverages, as the teas already use fruits to enhance its taste. Give it a try at the original sweetness before adjusting the sugar level as you wish.

Nayuki: the first in tea cafe concept

Besides TaiGai, the BreadTalk Group will also bring in tea cafe concept Nayuki, which will launch later in December this year.

The cafe is the first to pair tea with Soft-Euro bakes in a tea cafe concept, which has led many brands to follow suit since 2015.

Here's a look at their dream interiors in their China outlets, where they are well-established:

[email protected]

[email protected], #B2-34, Singapore 556083

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily


WeChat Page: 奈雪の茶

Updates to be released.

Nayuki and TaiGai Singapore are managed and operated by BreadTalk Group in a joint venture with Shenzhen Pindao Food & Beverage Management Co. Ltd.

Top image from @mikecherngbetsy and @gakki2222 on Instagram

This sponsored article makes the writer realise that there will never be enough of bubble tea.