Fakkah Fuzz & Hirzi respond to heckling allegations at Halloween Horror Nights 2018 media preview

While many found it funny, some have pointed out that their actions were rather disrespectful to the scare-actors.

Guan Zhen Tan | September 28, 2018 @ 05:23 pm


Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Studios Singapore’s annual Halloween event returns for its eighth run.

The event runs from Sep 28, all the way to Halloween itself on Oct. 31.

A media preview was held for guests from the media on Monday (Sep 24), and it included media personnel and celebrities.

Comedian Fakkah Fuzz, whose real name is Muhammad Fadzri, and YouTube personality Hirzi, whose full name is Ahmad Hirzi Bin Zulkiflie, were among those who attended the media preview.

Viral video

Fadzri subsequently uploaded a video on his Facebook page with the caption: “When u go to Haunted House with a Malay Boy #HNN8″

In the video, he records his experience at the Halloween-themed attractions via several Instastories, which feature him reacting to the scare actors, joking about their roles in an attempt to neutralise the horror.

The video has since garnered over 8000 shares and 300,000 views.

However, even though there were many who shared his video out of humour, many others who disagreed with the way Fadzri composed himself and acted around the performers.

Screenshot via Fakkah Fuzz’s Facebook post

Fadzri has since updated the caption his video to reflect the following:

Im out here joking but Im actually damn scared. Apologies to the performers if I stepped outta line I wasnt thinking cuz I was secretly shittin my pants. My bad. Thank you for a great time u guys were awesome! #hhn8

One particular post by Facebook user Belle Pereira Ho alleges that fellow performers were affected by their actions, and felt angry and disappointed.

Screenshot via Belle Pereira Ho’s Facebook post

Her post contains Fadzri’s IG story, and a recording of Hirzi’s private IG story, which included the moment where he and Munah Bagharib teasingly chide one of the scare actors for breaking character and laughing.

Response by Fadzri

Fadzri apologised via his IG story, explaining that he had received messages from friends working at HHN8 and how they felt about the video, which educated him about how they felt:

Image adapted via screenshots from Fakkah Fuzz’s Instagram stories
Image adapted via screenshots from Fakkah Fuzz’s Instagram stories

And he mentioned that the purpose of his video is to show that the Halloween event gave everyone a good time.

Fadzri also thanked those who spoke up on behalf of the scare actors.

Image adapted via screenshots from Fakkah Fuzz’s Instagram stories
Screenshot from Fakkah Fuzz’s Instagram stories

In response to Mothership.sg‘s queries, Hirzi said the following:

“I completely empathise with the performers. I feel her opinion as a scare actor is valid and I myself as a performer realise now how frustrating it must be for them. I have completely no other feeling but full remorse about the situation. Had I known that, that’s not the conduct that was required of me I would totally comply as I did many of the rules of HHN.

Year after year, I come to HHN and come home with the same style of stories and the response I got from my audience are often entertained but I Guess I never got to hear the side of the scare actors or anyone from HHN’s side. Had I known I’m actually an obedient person, I’m loud and abrasive but I definitely comply. They say don’t touch the actors and I DON’T. I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR, I have approached the actors BUT I HAVE NOT TOUCHED THEM AND I NEVER WILL.

In fact, after one room, my guide Qayuum said “Hey if it’s possible can we don’t shine the flashlight into the actors…” and I said “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know three times” and the subsequent rooms I made sure we didn’t shine it to the actors eyes. I’m very compliant and that’s one thing I want the fellow scare actors to know…

I just wished I had gotten feedback because as a fellow actor, the last thing I want the scare actors to feel is disrespected. I mean granted some of them actually do enjoy their banter with me and message me laughing after, I Guess because they’re more familiar with what I typically do.”

Hirzi also mentioned that “the whole bunch of us who went together chatted about its and [they] all agreed that it was warranted that the scare actors feel that way”, and they all want to apologise for their behaviour during the media preview.

“We’re artistes in (sic) the industry too, it would kill for us to know we have knowingly disrespected them.

I even wanted to roast myself for it and apologise. It’s only right that the Comedian who is known for roasting everyone every saga is able to roast himself when it’s his turn. But more importantly when I do craft my official statement to respond, beyond just sh*ting on myself, I really want the actors to know we apologise for any inconvenience and disrespect and NOW the amazing thing is we all know better and the public know better. That’s what conversations are about no?”

Hirzi added that he would like Fadzri and Munah to participate in a public apology online, if time permits, as they were singled out in Ho’s post.


As this was a media preview event, flash photography and videography was allowed.

This is because most media previews exist to facilitate the work of media personnel to film and promote the event.

Usually however, normal guests will not be allowed to film or photograph within the event itself.

Inappropriate behaviour such as queue-cutting, abuse and abusive language will see guests possibly being expelled from the event, including mistreating scare-actors.

Screenshot via HHN8’s official website

In any case, remember to enjoy yourself, but be courteous and mindful of your behaviour during HHN8.

Top image adapted via Fakkah Fuzz’s video and courtesy of Hirzi 


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