S'pore man has posted 252 pictures of his chicken rice meals in less than a year, shows no sign of stopping


Nyi Nyi Thet | August 26, 2018, 11:28 AM

You know that typical "if you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life" question?

This guy would have absolutely no issues answering that.

A picture a day

See, for 252 days, at the time of this article, an Instagram account called Kuey.Png has been painstakingly uploading pictures of chicken rice onto his account.

Also, known as "ji fan fan", which is a mix of Chinese and English, roughly translating to "fan of chicken rice", which is perhaps the understatement of the year.

Here's his very first entry, all the way back in September 10, 2017.


Even then, the vision and desire of the account can be gleaned based purely on the caption.

"everyday #1"

He knew.


The second day drew parallels to the first:

Image from Kuey Png's Insta

But on the 4th day, something magical happened.

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everyday #4

A post shared by ji fan fan (@kuey.png) on

And by the 5th post, questions were being asked... and answered.

Screenshot from Kuey Png's Insta

And the quality of his pictures just kept getting better.

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everyday #238

A post shared by ji fan fan (@kuey.png) on

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everyday #250

A post shared by ji fan fan (@kuey.png) on


Aren't you sick of it?

One of the prevailing questions from naysayers has been whether eating chicken rice every day for more than 250 days might get a bit boring.

No way.

Image from Melvin Yong's Facebook

Good point, we must admit.


Another constant plea by Png's followers is the issue of recommendations.

Here's his inspirational reply.

Freaking legend.

Chicken Nice

To better appreciate just how monumental an undertaking this is, here's a visual representation of both his dedication and consistency.

And considering his love for chicken rice, it doesn't seem like he's gonna stop anytime soon.

Which is great for all of us.


All image and screenshots from Kuey.Png's Instagram


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