Pop-up Tsundere Cafe with wait staff who will insult you returns to S’pore on June 9, 2018

Not that they missed their customers so much, b-baka.

By Guan Zhen Tan | March 14, 2018

The Tsundere Cafe is back for a second iteration.

Just like any other ordinary cafe with terrible service, customers get hurled with verbal insults and rude actions by the cafe staff, who are decked out in cutesy uniforms — for the stark contrast effect.

After a fully-booked first run, the cafe will be back on June 9, at Luminos in Woodlands, the same location as the previous pop-up.

More details will be revealed in the coming days.

Singaporeans enjoy it

While a rather bizarre or novel idea for the average Singaporean, such cafes are actually a fairly common trope in Japanese pop-culture.

The word tsundere comes from discussions in a forum back in 2002, when fans of a certain dating simulation game were commenting how they liked the fact that they had to work past the Tsun Tsun (hard, hostile, cold) part of the character to get to the Dere Dere (soft, warm) side.

Thus, “Tsundere” became the Japanese word for someone being initially cold and hostile, then warming up to others.

Visitors have been warned to expect rudeness, rough handling of items and even getting ignored by the staff, known as meidos (maids) and butler.

Singaporeans loved it.

However, the saving grace of your masochistic experience would probably be the food and the special services that you can choose from for S$5, or randomly pick in a Gacha (lucky draw) for S$2.

These include feeding, massages, forehead flicking and a Polaroid photo, variations of a similar system modelled after other anime-themed pop up cafes in Singapore.

According to the post, there will be new features in this particular iteration of the cafe, so let’s see what other services or activities are there to keep the somewhat masochistic fans coming back for more.

Pop-up cafe in S’pore to have wait staff who will insult & hurl verbal abuse at you

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