Limited edition peach coke from Japan now selling in 7-Eleven S’pore


By Mandy How | March 5, 2018

Singapore is not only home to fancy tourist spots, but also to fancy drinks like the Chupa Chups sparkling soda:

Chupa Chups lollipops now available as sparkling soda in Singapore

Adding to the legion is a limited edition peach coke from Japan, as spotted by local Twitter sensation Xavier Lur.

According to his tweet, the drink is sold at 7-Eleven outlets:

In case you can’t see the photos:

Source: Twitter/Xavier Lur
Source: Twitter/Xavier Lur

Each bottle goes for S$2.50. For Lur’s post, he went to the branch near Buona Vista MRT, near McDonald’s.

However, when asked about its taste: Lur replies that it’s “alright” and “not exceptionally wow”:

Here are more reviews from people who have tried it:

Found the new @cocacola peach flavored coke in our local 7-11 stores!! Not an active coke drinker myself but this tasted quite decent – It has the same amount gassiness that is similar to a Coke Zero with a touch of peach flavor which doesn’t come off too artificial and strong. For only $2.50, I think it’s worth the try! 

Can’t say I’m a fan, but the bottle is cute. 

Peach Coke has a surprisingly great taste. The peach is not overwhelming and just right. However you still get that classic Coca-Cola feeling of sugar coating your teeth.

Reviews seem okay enough, so we guess it’s worth at least a try.

Top image from Twitter user @Xavierlur. 

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