INSIDER video touts S’pore as #1 destination of 2018, locals & tourists vehemently disagree

Oh nose.

By Mandy How | December 19, 2017

Singaporeans are (usually) proud to see their country featured on an international platform, even if the tropes are often repeated (best airport in the world, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands Skypark, amazing food etc. etc.).

But when our sunny island was recently featured on INSIDER Travel (an American media giant on all things travel-related) as the number one travel destination for 2018, there came a barrage of disagreement, both from locals and tourists.

Features mostly hotels

The video recommends a (narrow) list of places to check out and eat at, including

  • The Marina Bay Sands hotel,
  • Gardens by the Bay,
  • a space pod hostel,
  • the kinetic sculpture in Changi Airport,
  • Little India’s food outlets… and kind of randomly,
  • a selfie latte cafe.

Here’s the full video:

Barrage of disagreement

Unfortunately, it seems like a good number of people, from locals to tourists, opposed this idea.

The main problem, it seems, is calling Singapore the top travel destination:

“nice but in my opinion there are many other places more attractive to me, I disagree that it should be #1 on anyone’s list. that is an overstatement.”

And another tourist thinks watching grass grow is more exciting than visiting our country </3 :

“Number 1 travel destination? You can’t be serious. I can’t think of a place which is more dull and boring… Watching grass grow will get my heart rate up more than travelling to Singapore.”

One Singaporean even reduced the infinity pool to a “man-made swimming pool” :'( :

“I’m a Singaporean who has travelled to 25 countries and really, you gotta be kidding me that Singapore is #1 travel destination, lol.

I am in awe of the majestic glaciers of Iceland, the diversity and talents of New York, the rich culture of India, the vast Himalayas of Nepal, the amazing history of Israel and Palestine, the colourful reefs and corals of the Philippines and Indonesia, the delicious food in Malaysia, the crazy full moon parties of Thailand.

No where in comparison to Singapore… Especially when you compare it to a man made swimming pool… :D”

And this brutal comment from a local:

“Pls go somewhere else. There’s nothing to see here.”

However, a couple of tourists have come to INSIDER’s (and perhaps our) defence, declaring Singapore as one of the top places they’ve been to:

“John William Roberts I traveled to all those destinations this year minus cape town and Singapore was by far my favorite. Singaporeans might not think it’s worth the #1 spot but in my opinion it is. It’s much safer than cape town, less crowded than Barcelona or Madrid. Warmer than Prague (was there last week and it’s cold af) and food is way better than in Portugal. I personally prefer Singapore even over HK.

But this is all my opinion.”

“I spent my 50th birthday on the 50th floor at Marina Bay Sands. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! I <3 Singapore. There are so many places to see in this world that I usually only travel to a place once but Singapore might be an exception. I really hope to return there one day.”

And we also found a proud Singaporean:

“Yes it is hot, yes it is expensive at some places. But Singapore has a big diversified flavour in everything we have here, not only the ones shown in this video. From the nature reserves to the busy bustling towns of Orchard and to even the different flavours of food from the many different cultures of Chinese, Malay, Indians and many more races. I am Singaporean and I’m proud to have my country as a #1 travel destination of 2018. Come over and experience abit of everything here.”



Top image screenshot from video.

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