Starbucks S'pore finally has pink, cherry blossom-themed merchandise

Bow to the gods of consumerism.

Mandy How | February 21, 2018, 05:05 PM

If you've ever swooned over Starbucks Japan's cherry blossom-themed spring collection, its Singapore branches have heard you.

Check out the latest collection to drop in stores, featuring everything from coffees to tumblers and even reward cards — all in various shades of pretty pink, of course:

Bottle (~473ml): S$29.90

Pouch (comes with fabric markers): S$9.90

Tumblers from left (~355ml): S$25.90, S$22.90, (~473ml): S$22.90, S$21.90

Left, ~355ml: S$34.90

Middle, ~355ml: S$22.90

Right, ~547ml: S$25.90


Left, ~473ml: S$36.90

Right, ~473ml: S$42.90

~473ml: S$29.90

Their rewards system is free to join — sign up in stores or online. These designs aren't on their site yet though.

They even have coffee in pink packaging:

Left, VIA® Ready Brew, 12 sticks: S$16.90

Middle, Whole Bean, 250g: S$16.90

Right, Origami Personal Drip Coffee, 6 cups: S$10.90

We say better run to the stores before they're sold out (if you've got the cash to spare, that is).

In the meantime, we hope Singapore will be seeing sakura drinks soon.

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The sakura mochi something something pink latte from Starbucks Japan 😱 #AllHailCapitalism #BowDownToConsumerism

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And we mean soon!!

Top photo via Starbucks Singapore Facebook page

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