SingPost postman fired for throwing away mail, company apologises to public

The mail includes undelivered and returned mail.

Belmont Lay | February 10, 2018 @ 04:25 pm

The SingPost postman who admitted on video to throwing away a large amount of mail belonging to residents has been fired by the company for a “failure of duty”.

This has been confirmed by SingPost in response to Mothership.sg queries.

Background of incident:

SingPost postman confronted for throwing away massive amount of mail into bin

A SingPost spokesperson said in response to the incident, which occurred at a condominium on Feb. 7, 2018:

One of our postmen was found to have thrown away returned letters and direct mail at a condo on 7 February 2018. His action is a serious failure of duty. We do not condone this and he has since been dismissed. SingPost thanks the member of the public for bringing this to our attention, and we would like to apologise to the residents of the estate for the service lapse. We have since retrieved the mail and will be processing them.

As the postman had made several allegations about being unfairly treated at work, SingPost said via the spokesperson it will be looking into those claims:

We will be looking into the claim made by the postman on his work environment, but it does not excuse his actions on the job, nor our decision to dismiss him.

Here is a collage of the videos showing a man confronting the postman:

The conversation in the first half of the video has been translated into English:

Man: Now you call your boss.

Postman: I don’t have his number.

Man: We forever can’t find your management?

Postman: Can be found, can be found.

Man: Someone has to bear the blame. Please cooperate and be more honest. If you lied, just admit it. If you are meant to distribute the mail, but you put it somewhere else, just admit it. If you don’t admit, I will find all the mail one by one. Now the whole of SingPost knows my problem. I won’t let this matter go to rest like this. I want to find my paper, where exactly it is. To you, it is just a piece of paper. To me it is very important. You come to Singapore to work, we welcome you. But don’t bring the standards down to such a terrible point. Because of one person, SingPost suffers in reputation. Do you understand?

Postman: Even if I told you, you might not believe me. But I come from China, and I speak reasonably, it is not that I am not responsible. I have over 2,600 over mail. You take a look at the condominium and offices, Malay staff are few, so it is unfair to me. I am rushing to see the doctor today because my leg is hurting.

Man: So you threw this lot of undistributed mail away?

Postman: It is only for this block. But the rest of it I’ve distributed.

Man: Are you the victim? Or the customer? So others bully you, you bully others?

Postman: I have already got 2,600 mail and I have to work overtime. It is very unfair for me. And I don’t get paid for overtime. So, it is really unfair for me. And I am very tired.

Man: If your employer is unfair to you, it is his fault. Am I unfair to you?

Postman: No, you are right.

Man: The job should have been completed on the 5th. Today is already the 7th. I’m giving you two extra days of time. I’m going to ask you to open all the letter boxes to inspect for my flyer, I did not see a single copy. If I ask you to open the letter boxes at block 27, 29, 31, is there any?

Postman: No, I didn’t give those out. I know.

Man: Definitely there isn’t. Do you know how much I spent on the flyers? A few thousand dollars. I pity you. You got bullied by others but you didn’t have to take it out on me.

Postman: I really didn’t know I was meant to distribute the flyers in this block. If I knew, I would have done it. I’m sorry, boss. I really didn’t know this block was included. They were bad to me, yes they were. You can bring this matter up. But I will be leaving on Friday on my flight and I won’t be coming back. If this matter didn’t crop up, I might come back. So that’s it.

4 min 15 sec

Postman: See if there are any more flyers and I will distribute them.

Man: I printed 7,150 flyers in total. There is 1,200 assigned to this area. There is no reason it is not enough. I was told by SingPost to print 7,150 flyers. Now you go back, what can you do?

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