Dramatic stunt-like accident on BKE sees 2 vehicles crashing at high speed, lorry flips over

Loud honking could be heard just before the crash happened.

By Mandy How | February 24, 2018

While numerous examples of accidents should leave us with heightened cautiousness while on the roads, this is apparently not so for all drivers.

A recent accident was caught on camera where a car and a lorry collided, to the extent that the heavier vehicle flipped to its side along an expressway.

According to the driver whose dashcam recorded the footage, the accident occurred on Feb. 21, 2.26pm, along BKE (PIE). 

Dashcam footage from a third-party witness was subsequently uploaded to Facebook, and you can watch it below:

In case you can’t see it, this is the part where the crash happened:

The scene happened along a stretch of relatively straight road with only two lanes and no traffic lights.

This was what happened in the video:

– Car and lorry were on the same lane.

– Car was behind lorry.

– Both vehicles decided to switch to the right lane without warning, while moving at high speed.

– Both drivers had no time to react — the car veered to the right and mounted the road parting, while the lorry was bulldozed and flipped over to its side.

– Loud honking could be heard in the video.

The fate of the drivers involved in the accident is not known, but let’s hope no one was seriously hurt.

Don’t take safety on the roads for granted.

Top image from video.

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