McDonald’s launches Cheesy Loaded Fries with chicken bacon bits, nacho cheese & sour cream

Your move, KFC.

By Sulaiman Daud |Belmont Lay | December 7, 2017

Update, Dec. 7, 2017, 3.30pm: McDonald’s Cheesy Loaded Fries look nothing like what was advertised

Update, Dec. 7, 2017, 11.40pm: Pay S$0.30 to add extra cheese on McDonald’s Cheesy Loaded Fries

McDonald’s is launching its Cheesy Loaded Fries on Dec. 7, 2017.

The fries are served topped with chicken bacon bits, doused with nacho cheese and sour cream sauce.

Clearly a response to KFC’s cheesy fries.

While KFC’s offering has some green spring onions mixed in to make you feel slightly better about yourself, McD’s says “Hell with that” and dumps chicken bacon bits on top instead.

New menu items

Cheesy Loaded Fries is available for a limited time only. It can be bought as part of a meal.

There is also a new burger released that will be a new permanent addition to the McDonald’s menu.

According to the press release:

The Angus Mushroom Supreme Extra Value Meal or The Original Angus Extra Value Meal, served with Cheesy Load Fries and a refreshing glass of Coke (S), are available from S$9.30 and S$8.75. The burgers are also available a la carte from S$6.70 and S$6.20.

The Original Angus is the new permanent addition to the Signature Collection, alongside the Classic Angus Cheese — an aromatic glazed bun with a juicy 100% Angus beef patty, layered with Colby cheese, caramelised grilled onions, crispy chicken bacon, tomato jalapeno relish, and creamy garlic aioli sauce.

The Classic Angus Cheese starts from S$8.95 a la carte or from S$10.95 for an Extra Value Meal.

The Original Angus is available after breakfast hours in all restaurants and via McDelivery and UberEATS from 7 December 2017.

The Angus Mushroom Supreme and Cheesy Loaded Fries are available from 7 December 2017, while stocks last.

Quarter Pounder discontinued

News of the new menu items were tweeted on Dec. 6 by Xavier Lur, a member of Singapore’s Twitterati, following a sneak preview.

This news will be welcomed by McD’s fans, who were left bereft after news broke that the Quarter Pounder burger will be discontinued.

McDonald’s S’pore has stopped selling its Quarter Pounder with Cheese burger

McDonald’s giveth and McDonald’s taketh away.

Got cheese?

Cheese-flooded burgers are now a thing available at Jurong West coffee shop

All images via Xavier Lur Twitter

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