PM Lee applauded for speaking English instead of ‘native tongue’ at White House press conference

What's his native tongue? Singlish?

Joshua Lee | October 28, 2017 @ 03:07 pm

PM Lee has just concluded his first working visit to President Donald Trump from Oct. 21 to Oct. 26 where both countries affirmed their “strong strategic partnership” and even inked a multi-billion dollar contract to purchase American-made aircraft.

PM Lee off to US to meet Donald Trump for the 1st time in the White House

A video of the press conference was uploaded by Golden State Times on YouTube.

As usual, the comments section is the place to go for entertaining nuggets, such as:

Screenshot via YouTube.

Well, an ethnic Chinese Prime Minister – must be from China right? Seems like many people around the world today still don’t know much about Singapore.

Screenshot via YouTube.

At the very least, we can count on YouTube comments to help bridge cultural gaps.

via YouTube.

Here’s a useful response when foreigners ask if Singapore is in China:

This is still the greatest response when you get asked, ‘Is S’pore in China?’

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Top image via YouTube. 


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