Quiz: Which kind of Singaporean social media user are you?

Yes, got many kinds.

Tsiuwen Yeo | Sponsored | October 26, 2017, 03:04 PM

Everyone uses social media these days. Even your auntie, ahma and your ahma’s makcik friend.

So of course there are different types of users. You could be the kind who’s constantly on Instagram, checking out what other people are doing.

Or, maybe you’re the one who likes to forward greetings and warnings to your loved ones. Because they should know and be careful too, right?

The pervasiveness of social media has made it the main source of information and news for many of us. But does the type of social media user you are affect how you react to information during an emergency? Of course it does.

Find out what kind of social media user in a crisis you are with this quiz:

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This quiz sponsored by SGSecure which is encouraging Singaporeans to be prepared because our response matters.