US vlogger’s descriptions of S’pore breakfast food will make you see it in a whole new way

Now this is a man who can really appreciate our food.

By Joshua Lee | September 7, 2017

We all love a good spot of Singaporean breakfast.

Even PM Lee does, too — just this morning he commemorated 50 years of diplomatic relations with Indonesia over nasi lemak with Indonesian president Joko Widodo:

But okay, we’re sidetracking.

American food vlogger and self-proclaimed breakfast-lover Mike Chen, who posts his updates on the account Strictly Dumpling, recently travelled to Singapore and uploaded five videos of his foodie adventures here.

One of them in particular focuses on several different types of local breakfast, which he makes sure to get through and enjoy fully:

Screengrab via YouTube.

Chen’s video details his breakfast meals at four different locations — a Ya Kun outlet at Far East Square, Mount Faber Nasi Lemak, Casuarina Curry Restaurant, and Old Airport Road Hawker Centre.

Yup. Four breakfast locations. This man really has the (four) stomach(s) of a cow.

More importantly, though, his description of Singapore is pure poetry. Check out what he says below:

1. Soft-boiled eggs

Screengrab via YouTube.

“These are the most gentle, soft, delicate-looking eggs I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I mean this is Japanese-anime-princess gentle.”

“I feel like I should be cradling them.”

2. Kaya toast 

Screengrab via YouTube.

“This is like a toast-Siren. Every bite you take, it just beckons you to take another. This is definitely the crack of the toast world.”

3. Kaya toast AND soft-boiled eggs

Screengrab via YouTube.

“All of a sudden, your toast is not only crispy, and buttery, and sweet – it’s crispy, sweet, buttery, salty, peppery, eggy, creamy. And those seven things make up the rainbow of deliciousness.”

4. Nasi Lemak 

Now, first things first: contrary to what Chen mentioned in his vlog, nasi lemak is not a Peranakan dish.

Screengrab via YouTube.

“[Rice and coconut milk] are food soulmates. They were always meant to be. That’s a marriage that will last, people.”

5. Roti prata + curry

Screengrab via YouTube.

“This is what the prata should be saying to the curry: “You complete me. We belong together forever.””

6. Lor mee

Screengrab via YouTube.

“What-the-what?! This is just masterful, I mean Gold-Buzzer-this-thing-send-it-to-the-live-show good…. Is this heavy? Yes. Would I have this for breakfast? Every single day.”

And of course, to end off his video, Chen answered the perennial Singaporean question: White or Black Carrot Cake?

We won’t spoil the answer for you. Watch his video below:

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Top image: screenshot via YouTube.

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