This video shows that adults can take the fun out of growing up, but kids will always be kids

Dream on :)

Tsiuwen Yeo | Sponsored | September 07, 2017, 03:02 PM

It’s not easy to be a kid in Singapore today.

Sure, the competitive education system has its benefits. But no one will deny that it’s a long and painful, 16-year trudge to the finishing line.

So of course, well-meaning parents will always want to arm their children with enough arsenal (and more) to not just survive the system but to emerge as being successful.

Alas, that means less time for children to run about, play, dream and well, just be kids.

Believe it or not, kids these days are as busy as you and I.

Like how this girl probably needs a PA:

This boy is busy writing his way to success:

Dear Ge Bin, we know your pain:

Christian here is starting early with his #emorock.

This one hits you right in the feels:

But why does it have to be an either or? It’s natural that parents would want to give their children what they believe is best, but why should that mean children have to stop dreaming?

Thankfully, they have not, of course. That’s the magic of a child’s wide-eyed innocence.

All it takes is some time and a bit of nudging to get them dreaming again. To remind them that their dreams -- even the most quirky of them -- are wonderful to have. Even for adults.

That’s precisely what happened across four heartland areas from 19-20 August, where National Gallery Singapore asked children about their dreams.

And then? These dreams were magically* brought to live right in front of the kids.

Yes, imagine how delighted the children must have been.

*actually drawn on a mural by an illustrator

Just look at the overflowing joy on their faces.

These murals, carrying dreams of children from Jurong, Bishan, Sembawang and Pasir Ris, will be available for viewing at National Gallery Singapore.

Won’t you want to see your kids dreams come alive? It’s easy -- just head down to National Gallery Singapore on 8-9 September, where an illustrator will be armed and ready to entertain your children’s imaginations.

So bring along your children, nieces, nephews and neighbours’ kids.

A mural filled with children’s dreams. How quirky and wonderful might these be -- if only we give them some time to dream.

Gallery Children's Biennale @ National Gallery Singapore

Live Doodle Jam

8 September: 3pm to 5pm  

9 September:  4.30pm to 6.30pm

This article is sponsored by National Gallery Singapore, which doesn’t want to see children stop dreaming. More picking nose systems, anyone?