M'sian transport officer impresses with fluent Mandarin when speaking to Chinese nationals


Zhangxin Zheng| September 21, 12:46 PM

A 23-year-old Road Transport Department officer at Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) Jejawi, Perlis, is wowing the Internet.

In a widely-circulated video online, she was seen explaining in fluent Mandarin the procedure for car ownership transfer to two undergraduates from Shandong, China, as neither of them can speak English or Malay.

You can see from the video, everyone couldn't hide the fact that they were impressed by her.

Watch it here:


Half Chinese

According to The Star, the officer, Nur Syafiqah Azaman, is half Chinese and went to a Chinese vernacular primary school.

She mainly speaks Mandarin at home with her mother.

Responses to her spoken Mandarin skills have been overwhelmingly positive, with some praising her for improving the image of government departments.

She's simply the MVP of the day.

Top photo from screenshots of video

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